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Ridley Orion Chain 26 Jun ’12

Tech Tuesday: Keeping Your Bike Out of the Shop

This is the time of year that all you want to do is ride your bike, not take it in

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2012 RockShox SID 29er 24 Apr ’12

Tech Tuesday: Why Would a Hydraulic Brake Lock Up?

One concern that so many women (and guys) have with owning a bike is the basics of

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20 Mar ’12

Tech Tuesday: Bike Cleaning with the GoPro

Been testing out the chest mount of the GoPro Hero2 for tech videos. This is a bunch

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Tech Tuesday 6 Mar ’12

Tech Tuesday: How to Install Platform Pedals

Thank you Greg Heil from for help with this!

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28 Feb ’12

Problem Solvers Tech Tuesday: Video Quick-Release Nut Light Mount

Chris Duerkop shows nightriders a better way to illuminate the road with Problem

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Problem Solvers Frostbike 21 Feb ’12

Problem Solver Tech Tuesday: Tools of #Frostbike

  Over the past weekend at Frostbike in Minneapolis I spied some very useful

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IMG_0596 24 Jan ’12

Tech Tuesday: Difference in Square Taper Bottom Brackets

Make sure to visit the sponsors of this posts.. Problem Solvers! Here at Bike Shop

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Surly Pugsley Fat Bike 17 Jan ’12

Tech Tuesday: What the Heck is a Fat Bike

Here at Bike Shop Girl I want women (and guys) to feel empowered and to have a good

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4451253374_707c59675a_o 18 Oct ’11

Tech Tuesday: How to Adjust a Threadless Headset

Make sure to visit the sponsors of this posts.. Problem Solvers! One concern that

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5925443905_19c57c6ca7_z 30 Aug ’11

Tech Tuesday: Check Your Suspension

While riding around in circles tonight at a local 3.5 mile mountain trail I realized

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