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NC Cyclocross 14 Sep ’11

NC Cyclocross Clinic Recap

This past Sunday I dragged myself out of bed at o’dark 30 to prep myself and

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Race Day Rituals 13 Sep ’11

Pre-Race Preparation, Rituals and Stupidity

What are your race day rituals? I find that rituals are so different between the

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Waterbottles 6 Sep ’11

A Wash of a Weekend

Going in to the weekend I had great plans for riding every day, enjoying time with

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NC Cyclocross 4 Sep ’11

Cyclocross Schedule in NC and SC

As a resident of the Charlotte North Carolina region I can tell you that cyclocross

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Living Social 27 Aug ’11

CLT: Half off Bike Tune on Living Social

For all my local Charlotte followers, has a rocking deal from

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Scouting Out CX Course 24 Aug ’11


When I wake up my feeling of getting out of bed is hit or miss. Either I am really

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Stephanie Cole 15 Aug ’11

Motivational Monday with Stephanie Cole

Motivational Monday, a Monday tradition at Bike Shop Girl, my goal to keep you

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NC CX 13 Aug ’11

North Carolina Womens Cyclocross Clinic

Bicycling skills clinics are an interesting thought. Adults, having skills clinics

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Cyclocross Training 11 Aug ’11

The First Cyclocross Practice of the Season

Have I mentioned how excited I am about the cyclocross season that is coming up? 50%

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Ann Groninger 8 Aug ’11

Motivational Monday with Ann Groninger

One part lawyer, one part cyclist, and all around great person!

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