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QBP Women's Scholarship 21 Oct ’14

2014 Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship

In its second year, the Women's Bike Mechanic Scholarship program is helping change

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Lazer glasses 19 Aug ’12

A Week in Review

These next two months are completely full throttle for me. On one side I have

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Foundry Cycles Auger B1 11 Jun ’12

My Bikes: Foundry Cycles Auger B1

As a rep for Quality Bicycle Products I have many bikes that are ridden and driven

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Problem Solvers - Compatibility Solutions for Bike People 30 May ’12

Problem Solvers BB30 Eccentric Adapter

Have I mentioned my love for Chris at Problem Solvers?

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bang-head-here 29 May ’12

At War with the Industry I Love

It is no secret my history with the bike industry. Without coming from parents in

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Arleigh Jenkins 25 Jan ’12

On the Road Balances

As I am figuring out the balance of being an outside rep in the large territory of

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Surly Troll Preview 17 Dec ’11

Preview: Surly Troll. One Part MTB, One Part Utility

While at the Surly Intergalactic Headquarters of QBP I was able to demo a few bikes

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QBP Logo 9 Nov ’11

The BIG News

It has been in the works for four months. Countless phone calls, questioning,

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