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NC Cyclocross Arleigh Jenkins 7 Dec ’12

Race Recap: NC CX Charlotte (Humble Pie)

Prep was solid into this race. Hitting about 90% of my training for the two weeks

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NC CX Statesville 20 Nov ’12

Race Recap: NC CX Statesville

My words are becoming to mimic a broken record. Lacking or should I say SLACKING off

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NC CX boone cyclocross 26 Oct ’12

Race Prep: NC CX Boone-Town Throw Down

In fashion from this past week’s race prep of Lion’s Roar here is my

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Arleigh NC Cyclocross Lion's Roar 23 Oct ’12

Race Report: Lion’s Roar NC Cyclocross #2

While I have raced several cross races this year, they all have been prep work (fun)

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Asheville Cyclocross Bent Creek 9 Sep ’12

Race Report: Asheville CX at Bent Creek

Goal: Utilize all available pre-season races to visit that pain cave and learn to

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NC Cyclocross 27 Aug ’12

Motivational Monday: ‘Tis Cyclocross Season

The weather is cooler, the days are getting shorter and this means one thing.

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Motivational Monday Julie Paisant 23 Apr ’12

Motivational Monday with Julie Paisant

Julie is a local lady I know from cyclocross. She fully embodies that of em:pwr

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NC Cyclocross 13 Dec ’11

Cyclocross on a Sunday

This past sunday I spent most of the day out on the side of a grassy hill with

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Wilkes County 9 Dec ’11

Wilkesboro NC Cyclocross Race this Sunday

As I am bouncing all over the region, and US this week I hope you can understand the

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NC Cyclocross 16 Nov ’11

Photos of NC Cyclocross #5 – Charlotte, NC

I don’t have words. The race hurt.

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