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Motivational Monday: Why Do YOU Ride?

12 Motivational Monday

A couple of my friends are currently riding their bicycles across the great United States. Starting in Oregon and slowly making their way back to Charlotte, NC. You can track their progress online and they give Facebook updates with photos every few days.

All summer long I can say I have been jealous of this movement. To remove myself from the plugged in life. To not wake up to go to the gym, or to work or to some other tasks I need to complete. To be able to live by bike, to wake up to simply ride my bike a little further down an asphalt ribbon on the large map of the United States.

This act that my friends are taking on stirs up feelings of being a kid and the bike being the reason I felt freedom for the first time in my life, or felt that I could conquer a tasks that none of my peers could fathom.

Why Do You Ride?

The question above is asked often for online interviews, surveys or by friends that don’t ride their bikes.  The answer, depending on the day, changes with me. A year ago, I would say I bike to feel free everyday on my commute. These days I bike to find myself for a few moments. In order to remove myself from the constant thought that goes along in my head.

There are days that I ride my bike for the adventure. How far can I go today? Is the path I chose too long, will I make it home before dark, am I lost? All these questions are so different than the everyday questions we deal with, and it is a very refreshing feeling!

Where am I going with this? I want to know why you ride. Who do you ride for, what motivates you, what is the feeling you think of when you think of sitting your butt on that saddle for a few hours at a time.

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