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25 Sep ’10

How To Lube Your Bicycle Chain

Proper technique in lubing your chain will help prolong the life of your drive train

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17 Sep ’10

Bicycle Suspension Service

As more and more folks are realizing the benefit of a well set up full suspension

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22 Jan ’10

Top 5 Online Resources for Women

When I created Bike Shop Girl a few months back it was mainly out of frustration for

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17 Jan ’10

Top 5 Ways to Personalize Your Bike

Personalizing your bike can be one of most rewarding and fun you’ll have with

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12 Nov ’09

Open Forum : DIY Projects

Originally, I posed this question over at, with amazing feedback,

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6 Oct ’09

How to : Weekly Safety Check

We've hit upon the preventative maintenance and how to lube your chain so now is

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2 Oct ’09

What is a Scrader Valve or Presta Valve?

When you ride a bicycle it will come to a point that you’ll need to inflate

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24 Aug ’09

Preventative Maintenance

You’re riding your bike often now and you’re wondering what you need to

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12 Aug ’09

Basics : Your First MTB Ride

When you mention mountain biking to a lady that hasn’t tried it before.. you

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