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The Loss of Commuting and a Loss of my Heart

11 Bike Shop Charlotte

Another heart felt post this week.  I feel like all these things need to continue to be pulled from me so that I can continue to find myself in this world.

Bike Shop Charlotte

7 months ago I didn’t own a car (well I didn’t drive one daily.)  We were a family of 4 with one car.  I rode my bike every day to the bus stop that would take me the 18 miles to center city Charlotte, where I would then ride the 1 mile to my office.  I showered (if it was nasty out) across the street from my work at the local YMCA.  My days were long with this commute, but it was very gratifying to not have the car payment or be trapped in my car in traffic.   I would write, sleep or talk on the bus.  I didn’t think for the whole commute, I enjoyed the events around me and the people I sat next to daily I became friends with.

On October 1st, 2010 I was left hooked by a car in the middle of an intersection 2 blocks away from my bus stop.  The ambulance ride, the adrenaline, the lose of freedom and my soul shut down temporarily.  To date my soul hasn’t been fully aligned or found.  As much as I say I want to ride, I don’t, with the round of bike/car accidents lately I have been even more fearful.

May 1st, 2011 I am ending the broken cycle and rebuilding my hub and wheel.  For bike month I will try to commute by bike for at least the first week of the month.  To and from for 5 days.  I can do that right?  I will do that.

Here’s to my next 8 days.  I hope it is filled with bikes and I safely make it to the other side!

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