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19 Sep ’10

Puma Cargo Bike | Trend Setter or a Fashion Victim?

We featured the new bikes from Puma over at Commute By Bike at the beginning of the

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27 Jun ’10

Jägermeister Electra Bikes

What does Jägermeister, rain, leather, leopard tents and Electra bikes get you?  

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23 Jan ’10

Why I Ride with an iPod, and Don’t Think I’m...

For many years I’ve been riding on the road with music. Originally it was one

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7 Jan ’10

fi’zi:k Vesta Review: Initial Thoughts

A beautiful fi’zi:k Vesta showed up at my doorstep a couple of weeks back. 

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25 Sep ’09

Interbike : Nutcase Helmets

Urban Velo is another great source for Interbike news.  One awesome link was to

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19 Aug ’09

Wednesday Round Up

Cyclelicious reports on 3 different recalls for the day from Felt Bikes, Burley

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6 Aug ’09

Basics : Cycling Computers

There is a great accessory for your bike called a bike computer or cyclometer.  

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3 Aug ’09

Everyday Cycling Clothing

Our poll last week to answer the question “Do You Wear Cycling Clothing”

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30 Jul ’09

August Rides and Events

As the month of July is coming to an end, we have had to say good by to the Tour de

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