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The Bike Industry is Sick (1)
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As a woman that has essentially grown up in the bike industry I really hope that the industry will catch up with the times and start to understand the larger problems that are keeping the industry from growing.

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Pearl Izumi Driving Retail
Better Bike Industry

Presented by: Bruce Schofield, Retail Services Lead, Pearl iZUMi Having unpleasant odors, is one of the quickest ways to get your customers to leave your store. So what can you do, and how do you know if your store smells? Here are a  few things to consider to keep your store

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Pinterest Retail Board
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When you pair my love of design and retail you have a very, very, strong passion for the “retail experience.” What is a retail experience? A mix of great customer experience, accessorized displays and a well laid out “flow” of a store. As I travel across the country, visit more bicycle shops

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