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New Product: SKS Longboard Fenders

6 SKS Longboard Fenders

As I sit in my office in Charlotte, NC the rain is pouring down. The road and ground are starting to pool up with water and I’m fortunate to be in dry clothes and happy wool clad feet as I watch silly cyclist roll by. The cyclist aren’t silly for riding in the rain, but for riding with out proper fender’age. If only they had been able to read about the new SKS Longboard Fenders that have the “best coverage on the planet” as the company brags.

SKS Longboard Fender Set

MSRP: $44.99-49.99
Dimensions: 700×28-37 tires with a 45mm width profile. 6″ mudflap extension. Stainless hardware and all that jazz
Colors: Black, Silver, Beige *yes beige*

SKS Longboard Fenders on Rivendell

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