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Banjo Brothers Metro Backpack

Review: Banjo Brothers Metro Backpack

…up to 10″ x 15″ notebooks Cell phone holster included Front and rear reflective tape and webbing tab for safety light 16″H x 11″L x 6.5″W / 1100 cubic inches Details that Mattered to Emily Not too big, not too small. The bag isn’t so big that you can overload and have too much gear on your back. You can stuff it, carry tons of stuff or whatever else you may but it’s right at 1100 cubic inches of space. It’s white and has a large…

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Clif Bar Seasonal

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Wish List

…iece and a close off valve to keep the bottle from leaking in your bag or on a shaky mountain ride. Rear Blinky Light Walk in to any bike shop and for $10 – 40 you can get a good rear light. Depending what type of traffic and weather your cyclist rides in you may want to spend more. Cycling Socks I’m a sucker for wool but maybe your cyclist is into pastel colors, crazy designs or an easy “STFU” on their cuff. Another easy…

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Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack Review : Preview

…ts while riding Chest strap and removable waist strap for stability Large reflective stripes and tab for safety light Quick-access side pocket fits mini-U lock Coming January 2010 MSRP: $79.99 Initial Thoughts : As I pulled this bag from the box it came in I was first caught by the fabric.  It feels much like a hard plastic fabric that you would see on a tarp or covering.  Impressing and felt very different to my fingers. It also right off the ba…

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Introducing Giant’s WheelSystems

…n be found on 2012 Giant road bikes and are also available to purchase as aftermarket components. P-SLR1 Aero A lightweight, deep-dish aerodynamic WheelSystem designed for high-performance riding and racing. Maximum stiffness and aerodynamics at the lowest possible weight. • 50mm deep, 21mm wide scandium-composite tubeless-compatible rims • Durable precision Swiss hub internals • Aerolite bladed stainless steel spokes (16 front radial; 20 rear ra…

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Warrior Creek

6 Hours of Warrior Creek Race Prep

…hat we see.   The radar states that weather will be foul the rest of the week.  The day before the race will be light rain, my hopes is it is light rain in the morning with a ton of sunshine!  Race day it says to be sunny with a high of 54º but in the hills of the Appalachians this could change within 20º at any given day. Pit Support With a duo team the key will be cleaning off the bikes between laps and keeping our spirits high.  That is where…

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Review: Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

…review over here for all you ladies (or gents) to benefit from. It is All in the Fabric Stretch, durability and light weight. The perfect combination for a cycling short that doubles as a casual pair of knickers…. These knickers remind me close to the famous Chrome knickers but in a lighter weight material for spring/summer/fall use in the south where I reside.  Light weight yet a outer coat of durability to help where on your saddle or bet…

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FITS Co Sock Review

Review: FITS Co Sock

…#8217;t plan on wearing them too often for everyday around the house as I want them to last! Review of the FITS Light Runner Sock These socks were reviewed by my girlfriend so I’ll turn over the keyboard to her. I don’t know what to say about reviewing the socks, but this is what I think of them so far. For wool, these socks are very soft, the compression is exactly where I want it and when I was riding in 100 degree weather I didn&#8…

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Review of Camelbak Octane 18x

Camelbak Octane 18x Review

…7;s back. The Camelbak Octane 18x is a great bag. You’ll make some sacrifices on the long day trips for a lighter bag, but overall this is a great water hauling bag.   How the Camelbak Octane 18x Fits To save some weight they take the structure and extra padding from the pack. The bag can be rolled up and the shoulder straps are thin.   With tons of weight this would make the pack pretty uncomfortable but with clothes and water it was…

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Soul Glow LED Neon Wheel Lights

Preview: Soul Glow LED Neon Wheel Lights

I’m always looking for creative and fun ways to stay safe on the bike. A new LED light string looks to be creative and fun, without a crazy price tag. Soul Glow LED Neon Wheel Lights $30 a set, coming in Green – Blue –   Red – White – Pink – Purple – Turquoise – Yellow These lights claim to be weather resistant and easy to install, hopefully I’ll get a set to try in the near future for fun night rides! L…

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Zeplin Big40 Custom Bar Tape

Review: Zevlin Big40 Custom Tape

…of the wrap, now imagine that with your company under your bars. Rolling up to a group ride, sitting at a stop light or your bike parked at a coffee shop will put your brand identity right at hand level. Overall Thoughts The bar tape is wearing well, I’ll use it for most of the road season but it will not replace the DSP on my cyclocross bike as grip and cushion are super important then. I plan on doing a run of Bike Shop Girl in black  to…

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