Ellie Beti Bike Bash
KidsWomen's Cycling

To Amy, Chelsea, all the Betis, the volunteers, and the sponsors, I can not thank you enough for empowering women and providing this amazing event for me to share with my daughter.

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Motivational Monday Susie
MotivationMotivational Monday

This week’s Motivational Monday feature is Susie Wargin who is about to tackle Race Across America with Team Love, Sweat & Gears

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We are KindHuman
Better Bike IndustryBlog

Read about two examples of how KindHuman have taken it upon themselves to bring kindness into the bike industry.

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Kickstarter Bicycle Wrap Skirt
Fashion, Style and Clothing

I love skirts, but I don’t wear them enough. I blame working in a bike shop for a solid part of my life. Now, if this lovely bicycle wrap skirt on Kickstarter might change my whole world!

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Beti Bike Bash
BlogCycling TipsFeaturedRaceWomen's Cycling

My list of the things I wish I had known before my first races. This list could have thousands of tips on it, so add your own in the comments.

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Birzman Studio Toolbox Review

A straightforward preview of the 37 tool setup in the Birzman Studio Toolbox.

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