Are you watching the Olympics? Did you watch the women’s road race? You should have, it was brilliant. What is the sport you are obsessed with during the summer Olympics?

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Surly Krampus
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The last 10 days of my existence I’ve been in Utah drinking in all of the new bike knowledge I could handle. One of the biggest things that came out of the event of Saddle Drive was a new fatty bike from Surly Bikes. Meet the Surly Krampus Surly has

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QBP Saddle Drive

These sum up my last couple days

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All City Macho Man
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30 minute ride on a demo All City Macho Man. Mostly single track, some baby head rocks, some road, some tight hipster capris and I love the darn thing.  

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Kimberlee and I last week at the Charlotte B-Cycle bike share launch. I’m currently in Ogden, Utah for sales meetings all week in prep for 2013 product launches. My post this week will most likely be very photo driven as by the end of the day or early in the morning my

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