Long climbs. Long descents. Gravel. 50 miles. The Wall. Vineyards. Wine. SOUTHERN CROSS 2013 The first endurance cross race in the Southeast. You can use cyclocross bikes or mountain bikes though the course will favor cross bikes. The course will be mainly gravel roads with some spectator-friendly cyclocross goodies thrown

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Chrome Storm Pasha Jacket
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It’s that time of the year. Unless you live in some odd part of the country that doesn’t receive seasons, fall is hitting you smack in the face. You may get caught in a cold rain, or have a headwind chilling you to the core on a late night commute.

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I’m not prepared. I’m back on my schedule from coach to a crossed t and dotted i, but I’m not ready as I fell off the back. The whirlwind of September and October bit my ass hard. Throwing a lot of hard work from this summer out the window, but

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I don’t plan on waxing a poetic response to what is going on with Lance Armstrong or the doping scandal of the pro cycling folks. My buddy Josh did a good job of that already, read it here. This video, shot locally in Charlotte, at a race put on by

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Twin Six Rock the Bike
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Politics are overrated.. go rock your bike in Twin Six style.  

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Motivational Monday Chantal
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What’s your name and location? Chantal Roberts, Little Rock, AR What type of cycling do you enjoy? road, relaxing, paved trail What is your first cycling memory? Falling off my bike when I was 5, and being so mad at the bike I didn’t ride again for 20 years. Who

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