Patrice Motivational Monday
MotivationMotivational Monday

What’s your name and location? Patrice, between Columbus, OH and suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA What type of cycling do you enjoy? Touring & Cyclocross What is your first cycling memory? I had a hand-me-down purple banana-seat bike that was too big for me. A friend rode it and crashed in

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Rapha Clothing

I work in the bike industry which means I do not make crazy amounts of money in order to justify paying $85 for a merino wool tshirt. But, I want it so badly. Then there are their cycling caps. Sexy and I own one. Thanks to Peter with Bike Law.

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If you are a contant reader you will know my love of Strava. It keeps me motivated, up to date with my friends rides across the world and technology makes my world go around. When I visit new places (which is weekly) I’m always trying to find new rides, routes

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Liberty Bicycles
Better Bike IndustryBlog

Today is Bike Shop Saturday. Going right along with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and any other “holiday” created to spend money. The event was created by Cycling Utah to encourage money to be spent back into the local community, specifically around bikes. While I support such an

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NC Cyclocross Arleigh Jenkins
BlogRaceRace Reports

Prep was solid into this race. Hitting about 90% of my training for the two weeks leading into the event. Could I have been at 100%? I’m sure, but I’m not a pro and I do have a life to live. The Course Kudo’s for probably the most fun, and

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Motivational Monday Lisa
MotivationMotivational Monday

WHAT’S YOUR NAME AND LOCATION? Lisa, Hurst, TX WHAT TYPE OF CYCLING DO YOU ENJOY? All– groups, rallies, might eventually try racing WHAT IS YOUR FIRST CYCLING MEMORY? The Peach Pedal 2012 was my first cycling event. I did the 39 mile route and had a great time! WHO INSPIRES

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