Short Track #2
Race Reports

Lesbi-honest.…going into this race I was super pumped but had pretty realistic expectations. My legs would be loaded and weighed down from the previous day’s threshold test, plus I had a 3 hour mountain bike ride planned for Monday. I wanted to do well, but these Short Track races aren’t

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Motivational Monday with Renee
MotivationMotivational Monday

WHAT’S YOUR NAME AND LOCATION? Renee Jordan, Plano, TX WHAT TYPE OF CYCLING DO YOU ENJOY? Recreationally with a club or alone; commuting to work; occassional dirt ride WHAT IS YOUR FIRST CYCLING MEMORY? Riding my first bike, purple with a banana seat & ape hanger type bars, in semi-rural

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Charlotte Winter Short Track Series

After my break through 4th place finish last week I seem to be a marked woman going into this race. Reasons being marked sucks I had a power test yesterday, which (to be explained at another time) wrecks your legs completely. Several girls will not be there today that I

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Bike Shop Build Surly Troll
Bike ProfileMountain

The thoughts and details during a bike build are what make a great bike shop a resource and a dream factory for bicycle geeks like myself. These custom bike builds are what keep me inspired and excited to continue to work within the industry. Few more bike profiles over yonder.

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All City Ladies Clothing

All City Cycles, one of the awesome brands I represent, and a group of cool kids, have released some new clothes for us bike geeks out there. See the full line up on the All City website.

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CyclocrossRace Reports

A guest blog from Laura Colbert of Loose Nuts Cycles in Atlanta, GA. Saturday was a beautiful day in Atlanta, one of those occasional Southern winter days when it feels like spring–the opposite of what cyclocross weather should be.  Other parts of the country have muddy, sloppy, cold cyclocross races.

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