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Airborne Cyclocross Bike

Review: 2011 Airborne Delta CX

…lie, the Airborne Delta CX was the most exciting part of becoming a member of the Airborne Flight Crew this past spring. I was going to have the inside scoop, test ride and ride for a season a wonderful cyclocross bike that hopefully would crack open a huge “hidden nut” in the bicycle industry. A budget priced, disc brake, cyclocross bike. As a lover of cyclocross bikes for the utility and functionality, this bike fit right into my ar…

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Motivational Monday Angela Walker

Motivational Monday with Angela Walker

…lker, Sheffield, UK What type of cycling do you enjoy? All kinds, I ride for transportation, exercise and fun. I sold my car 2 years ago and haven’t looked back! What is your first cycling memory? As a child, being taught to ride by the boys next door. Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why? The old guys at my cycling club, many of whom are in their 70’s and still racking up the miles every Sunday. Cycling keeps them young, both in…

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Motivational Monday Sue Rawley

Motivational Monday with Sue Rawley

What is your name and location? Sue Rawley What type of cycling do you enjoy? All types! What is your first cycling memory? I remember “working on” my first bike that wasn’t a hand-me-down from my brother. I would turn it upside down and spin the pedals like I knew what I was doing! Who inspires you to ride? Better yet, why? My mom. My mom is going to be 75 next year and she still rides her bike to work. My parents always made…

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Amy Thomas Broken Arm

Motivational Monday: An Intro to Recovery After an Injury

My dear friend, Amy Thomas, recently broke her radius and ulna while mountain biking in Moab. She is attacking recovery with an optimistic outlook and I asked her to share her story of recovery over the next weeks with a few articles. We hope you can gain something out of reading her determination (stubbornness) and love for life. The last time you heard from me on Bike Shop Girl, I was relishing in completing this summer’s Breck Epic, a 6…

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Amy Thomas Antlers

Motivational Monday: Christmas Came Early

I’ve watched the seasons change from fall to winter here in Denver and feel fortunate that I enjoyed quite a bit of time outside even with a broken arm. Last week I had my 6 week follow up with my surgeon. Initially, he had said it takes 6-8 weeks for the bones to heal. Until that time, my bones were mostly held together with the new plates and screws. This last set of x-rays showed that while the bones are healing nicely, they aren’…

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2014 Breck Epic

2014 Breck Epic: Circumnavigation of Mount Guyot

s of the Yeti Beti MTB Team. Three down, three to go!! While the major goal of this week is to get through all 6 stages, there was one stage in particular that has caused some PTSD since 2010. As the name suggests, the Circumnavigation of Mount Guyot is not the shortest point from A to B. It’s a BIG day, lots of steep, unrideable (for most of us) climbing, with some of the gnarliest technical descents in the county. On fresh legs, these tra…

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2014 Breck Epic

2014 Breck Epic: Colorado Trail

…ti Beti MTB Team. Day 2 of Breck Epic defines the perfect pairing of ebb and flow. It’s the Colorado Trail stage and that name says it all. If you only have ONE trail to ever ride in Colorado,  ride ANY section of the Colorado Trail. It’s all amazing and you will be rewarded for your efforts. The morning started off picturesque with the back drop of Breckenridge Ski resort soaring up from the starting line, blue bird skies, and a lit…

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Amy Thomas Breck Epic

The 2014 Breck Epic – Prologue

Amy Thomas, of Yeti Beti Racing, is tackling the 2014 Breck Epic with full determination. She has the motivation from recovery of a shattered pelvis last year and the inspiration of riding with the memory of a friend who has passed away earlier this year from cancer. Follow along and cheer for Amy during the 2014 Breck Epic 6 day, high alpine, mountain bike stage race. After last year’s Breck Epic ended, I got an idea. I was inspired by my…

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A Somber Motivational Monday: Jeff Papenfus

…hope my readers can recognize why and this Motivational Monday (on Tuesday) reaches folks where it matters. The setup will be a bit different, as this is a story from my fingers on someone that has motivated me consistently over the past 10 months. There are people that you meet in life that hold your thoughts, and make you strive to be a better person or citizen. An example is every time I meet a proud Marine it makes my heart skip a beat, know…

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North Carolina Cyclocross

Follow Friday Links: Training for Cyclocross

I’m officially getting pumped for the upcoming cyclocross season. Maybe it is delirium over the heat lately, or maybe the simple feeling of setting a goal for myself and really wanting to meet it? Over the years I have compiled a great list of resources for inspiration, information, tips and basic outlines of creating a training plan for the season. By no means am I recommended that any of these are replacing a dedicated coach, but it will…

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