…them recently, I can attest all the orange juice and glucose tablets in the world won’t help, so while yes they do look like a low blood sugar crash, they are indeed not. I had my first “grand mal seizure” during a bike ride in downtown Portland and hit a park bench. This was an extremely difficult and stressful time for me. I felt like my brain was trying to kill me. All I wanted to was live a car-free lifestyle, work at the w…

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2014 Breck Epic
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…to believe today was the last day. While I am relieved to no longer sleep in compression tights and eat boatloads of sugar throughout the day, I am really sad it’s over. This week of riding I will never forget, in part to not just the amazing amounts of hard riding, but to this great community that has formed over the week. I hope to ride again with so many new friends. The final stage of the Breck Epic is one to really enjoy. Our women&#82…

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If you are a lady looking to get stronger and faster on a mountain bike, pay attention! The Beti AllRide Clinic has transformed to the VIDAMTB Series. VIDA literally translates to “life” and the VIDA MTB Series is a natural evolution of Beti AllRide, a new incarnation that celebrates the entire lifestyle of women riders, and that supports them in all of their endeavors. VIDA MTB Series is proud to partner with Yeti Cycles at the title sponsor, a…

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Suffering is hard.  (Photo courtesy of Chris McIntosh at http://cmcintoshphoto.tumblr.com/)
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…t of people helped me out when I was racing, and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. You’ve worked your ass off and you deserve a chance to showcase it.” I took the offer, and landed on the podium with a solid 3rd place finish at Gaffney– a perfect end to a not-so-perfect spring season. I spent the summer training for what would be the best season of my short-lived cycling ‘career’. 2014 USA Crits Womens 3/4 podium…

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2014 USA Crits Womens 3/4 podium in Gaffney, South Carolina….

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Burley Solstice Review

Typically, Bike Shop Girl as a site focused 80% of the articles and reviews on bikes, bikes and bikes. As I recently became a new mom, the idea of empowering women and families to get active has really hit home as there really aren’t a lot of valuable, honest, resources out there to help. When my wife and I were looking for a good multi-purpose stroller last fall the only option we came across was the BOB family. We didn’t purchase o…

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Surly Pugsley Yellow

…tle cage Purple cow horn (not pictured, but awesome) Bigger Additions and Reasoning: Purple Thermalite BMX pedals- These are pretty thin with a solid base for pedaling in snow boots if needed. They have replaceable pins to keep a grasp of the bottom of her sneakers/clogs or whatever she wears Abus Bordo XL Lock – this lock is extra long to get around that fat front wheel and frame for locking. White of course. Womens seat- in white (…

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Pedal MN

Photo credit: Pedal MN There is something special about empowering moms on bikes. It takes the awesomeness of women on bikes and amplifies it about 10x! Pedal Minnesota, is embracing that awesomeness and rolling out a ‘Bike Mom’ Project over the next 8 weeks. In addition to serving as an information resource, the project will feature 8 “ambassadors.” The ambassador moms will document their experience biking with kids on social media…

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…hold your smartphone This jersey looks great and feels even better. The poly mesh was warm enough with a wind vest on a 50′ day. Personally, I would classify this as a long sleeve light weight “spring” jersey. It also wears well with a pair of jeans. I’m wearing a size large in the pictures which fits great in torso and arm length. The body is a bit baggy but I find that to be the problem with any womens shirt when…

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