6 Hours of Warrior Creek
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…one another lap but I didn’t.   I’m looking forward to having gears and some suspension in my future thanks to Airborne. At the end of the day we came in 3rd place for our division at 6WC, not at all thanks to me.  I owe that completely to Melissa my awesome partner in crime.   A podium place, swag and a cool coffee mug.  It could have always been worse… I didn’t crash or break anything!…

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2011 Burn 24 Hour Challenge
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…my first solo at Burn 24 Hour.    As any good plan there was a few snags within this.  My geared race bike, the Airborne Goblin, showed up a few weeks late which kept me on my fully rigid single speed for the 6 Hours of Warrior Creek, and kept me from racing the 6 Hour Grind.    I quickly started commuting on the Goblin and riding it everywhere possible to get used to the fit and gearing. I’ve never done a 24 hour mountain bike ride on my o…

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Answer ProTaper 650 XC Handlebar

…giving enough sweep for my longer distance hauls. I ended up riding these bars for a couple months on my geared Airborne Goblin and then moving it to my Surly Karate Monkey single speed. The weight and taper were confidence inspiring, especially when you use a stem like Thomson that can sometimes crack handlebars when not installed correctly. A bike shop could carry a few of these bars in different colors and really add some flair to customers bi…

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…I tell you that I did not do almost any of those things? While the closest I got to riding was overhauling the Airborne Goblin Saturday morning, and cleaning out my car from all the water bottles I have been collecting for the past two weeks. Yes, that is the closest I came to riding. It stunk. More to come later on overhauling the Goblin, including the steps you should take when lubing the chain and pumping up the tires aren’t enough. Nee…

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…is missed. A Patient Partner at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek – Thank you Melissa for not making me do another lap. Airborne Flight Crew – A great opportunity to ride a good bike, a free trip to Sea Otter and meeting new people. Motivational Monday – It inspires me weekly when strangers will answer my questions about their cycling lives. My Support Team at 24 Hours of Burn – Patient, funny, great cooks, horrible mechanics and amazin…

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