Peak Designs The Everyday Messenger
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It isn’t everyday that a camera / messenger bag gets over $1.8m of funding on Kickstarter (with 38 days to go). Perhaps it is because The Everyday Messenger bag is epic in an understated kind of way.

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Review: The Culinary Cyclist Book 9.5

You know that you’re about to experience something special when a book’s subtitle is “A Cookbook and Companion for the Good Life”. In this book Anna Brones does a magnificent job of mixing together the passion of bicycles and food. Click to read the full review.

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Ask a Question
Ask a Question

From the mailbox: “How do I support my local bike shop when they aren’t the cheapest?”

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AETHER W Union Jacket
Fashion, Style and ClothingProducts

It’s exciting to see more flattering women’s apparel hitting the market. The new AETHER W Union cycling jacket is form fitting and very functional but doesn’t scream “CYCLIST!”

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Bike Fitting
Cycling Tips

This article will not be telling you how to check your seat height because you shouldn’t do it alone, and you probably don’t know enough to get it perfect. Instead, think of this article as a public service announcement. There is a great chance your bike doesn’t fit you and that isn’t your fault.

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Hauling Kids By Bike
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In this “Hauling Your Kid by Bike” series I’ll walk you through different ways to carry your kids with you on your bike, the pros and cons of each, and how I ultimately decided on the product I did to help you figure out what fits your needs the most.

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