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Capo Cycling Modena Donna Collection

Preview: Capo Cycling Modena Donna Collection

Capo Cycling – an italian made cycling clothing company has released a new line of womens cycling clothing. It includes a jersey in two colors, shorts with a comfy yoga waistband and knickers. I understand the italian way of subtle with black and whites but I would love to see some accent pop on this! Modena Donna Jersey – MSRP $90 Modena Donna Shorts – MSRP $120 Modenna Donna Knickers – MSRP $130…

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Motivational Monday: The Olympics

Are you watching the Olympics? Did you watch the womens road race? You should have, it was brilliant. What is the sport you are obsessed with during the summer Olympics?…

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Motivational Monday Julie Paisant

Motivational Monday with Julie Paisant

Julie is a local lady I know from cyclocross. She fully embodies that of em:pwr cycling and motivating all. She’s out there ringing the cowbell and taking photos from the first race to the last. She also cheers you on when she passes you in her races! Kudos to Julie and all she does for womens cycling. What’s your name and location? Julie Paisant, High Point NC What type of cycling do you enjoy? Cyclocross, Mountain XC and Roa…

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Driving in the night

All Over the Place

…o daily intake. Simply watching when I’m eating them, trying to eat earlier (tonight I failed at that) and still no coffee or other drinks other than green tea and water. There’s other things going on, tomorrow afternoon after I figure out how to install the new SiriusXM radio (gotta have entertainment for my 12 hour drive) I’ll be sitting down and writing up a few thoughts bouncing around in my head about womens geometry…

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Tech Tuesday: Difference in Square Taper Bottom Brackets

Make sure to visit the sponsors of this posts.. Problem Solvers! Here at Bike Shop Girl I want women (and guys) to feel empowered and to have a good grasp of what they are talking about when it comes to tech, mechanics and goofy bicycling slang.  Tech Tuesday is the remedy for common tech questions! Do you know the difference in ISO and JIS bottom brackets?…

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On Twitter? You Could Win Something

…:30am this morning I am 75 people away from hitting the 6,000 follower mark. It is just a number, but for a girl simply trying to get more folks (women) on bikes – it is pretty cool that people have found a liking in the cause. Recently sent me a Klout Perk and I’m paying that forward. The 6,000 follower on Twitter will be awarded this:  Now go follow me…

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Motivational Monday: Ride with the Boys

…ng my best to ride with others. Normally I ride by myself as it is my away time but getting closer to cyclocross season I need to push myself and riding with others does that to you. Riding with women is one thing, but I can tell you that hanging on to the wheels of some fast boys is very motivating. Especially when they are sweet boys that will wait for you when they drop you. Thank you Reality Bikes for the rides last week, and I look forward t…

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YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

YMX Core Long Sleeve Top

YMX makes clothing for the athletic woman. While many women look at the clothing line and think yoga the fit and style really fit in well across cycling. The fit is sexy, the material is soft and light. As YMX rolls out more fall and winter clothing I’ll be picking out my favorite’s to share with you. YMX Core Long Sleeve Top MSRP: $98 Details: This pink Tribal print long sleeve top is feminine and energetic. Perfect for workout, run…

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Race Report: Atlanta AlleyCross

…rders, and a woman who walks her dog while playing violin.  Even if it wasn’t against the rules, the Beltline is so crowded on nice days that usually it takes most of a cyclist’s attention to just avoid hitting anyone. The race brought out a great mix of people–serious cyclocross racers, cyclists who have never raced before, and everyone in between.  The 49 race entrants (including 6 women) showed up in everything from full race kits

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Trail Review: Coldwater Mountain, Anniston, AL

…ood about. The other thing I really liked about our visit to Coldwater Mountain is that there was a great mix of skill levels and types of riders on the trail.  We saw families with kids on scoot bikes on the beginner trail.  We saw overweight adult dudes trying to get back in shape by riding the extended beginner trail.  We ran into guys who ride trails multiple times per week.  Most impressively, there were many more women of varying abilities

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