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2012 Trek Bikes Lexa S

2012 Trek Lexa Women’s Road Bikes

…e. The 2011 Trek Lexa bikes were an amazing hit for Trek Bikes corporation. It’s one of the top selling women’s road bikes. Many women asked for Lexa by name at demos, and dealers also told us they had many women coming in asking about them. Women love the comfortable fit, race-inspired performance, and the fact that we have so many color and graphics options. It was fantastic to see so many of them at the many triathlons that we sponsored this y…

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Motivational Monday with Lori

Motivational Monday with Lori

WHAT’S YOUR NAME AND LOCATION? Lori, North Carolina WHAT TYPE OF CYCLING DO YOU ENJOY? Road riding and mountain biking WHAT IS YOUR FIRST CYCLING MEMORY? Of course, learning to ride when I was 5 or 6. What really gave me the bug for riding the road…a friend and I went to ride Railroad Grade Road. It’s a 10-mile stretch of flat road all along the New River. Our main objective was to run over all the wooly worms we could find. And I fo…

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Bicycle Categories

Bicycle Shopping: The Three Common Styles of Bicycles

…g. Today’s article is focused on breaking down the three most common styles of bikes and what their most broad use is. These styles or categories are: Road, Mountain, and Hybrid. When I quickly count on my fingers the different styles of bikes that most good bike shops carry, I come up with 14 (I promise I only have 12 fingers). 14 categories of bicycles to confuse you, overwhelm you and lead you down different avenues, maybe even putting y…

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Giro Solara Women's Road Shoe

Preview: Giro Solara Women’s Road Shoes

Requirements of a good road shoe for a woman: Fit, stiffness, looks and price. (Normally, in that order.) Giro Solara Women’s Road Shoes MSRP: $150 Colors: White with Gold/Silver accents, all White with Silver accents, Gunmetal with Berry Weight: 270 grams (size 39) Details: Three straps, one ratcheting closure (replaceable) and two velcro straps. Good ventilation up and under the shoe. Initial Out of the Box Thoughts I’m a fan of Gi…

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George Berger at Southern Cross

Race Report : Southern Cross 2011

…s crit) cyclocross course at the start and again at the end with some HUGE run-ups; a few miles of paved county road after that; gravel/chert/pumice fire road; STEEP and LONG rocky dirt fire road (if you could call it that); and screamin’ fast descents on those same fire roads. At the call-ups, co-organizer Eddie O’Dea said it best: “this is not a CX race; it’s not short and painful, it’s gonna be long and painful. So try to finish—it’s an enduuu…

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2012 Raleigh Capri Carbon 3.0

2012 Raleigh Bicycles Capri Womens Road

…of short posts releasing the new 2012 Raleigh Bicycles women’s line. Everything from 29er mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, more carbon and women’s cyclocross bikes. I’ve got the scope, but we can thank Raleigh’s Sally on this one. 2012 Raleigh Capri Women’s Road Bikes You may or may not know but I’ve been test riding a 2011 Raleigh Capri for the past couple months. Timing seems to be everything as right whe…

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Raleigh Capri Header

Intro: 2014 Raleigh Capri Carbon Women’s Road Line

Hot on the heels of my review of the 2013 Raleigh Capri Carbon 4.0, Raleigh USA has released information on their 2014 line up. Over the next week I’ll be breaking down the line up by category. Keep up to date by checking out the search keyword “Raleigh USA 2014“. Overall Upgrades to the Raleigh Carpi Series Updated geometry (I’ll personally be looking hard into this as the Raleigh women’s bikes have always fit me o…

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War with the Industry: We are the Problem

…sse and football have fields with bleachers wrapped around The Sport We Love Causes Chaos We fight to share the road, should we be fighting to have our own roads, greenways and trails instead? Is sharing roads with 4,000 lb cars the smartest thing to do?  Do bike lanes, only inches, from 55 mph roads make sense? Do we belong on roads over 35 mph as road cyclist or commuters? I sit here writing this while watching the latest stage of the Tour de F…

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Basics of Road Group Rides : Follow Up

Over a month ago I talked about basics of riding with a road group.  Several people emailed questions in so here is our follow up to answer some of those questions! Sweeper Refined : A sweeper is someone that knows the route you are taking and will be in the back with whoever is the last rider.  They will never let that last rider fall too far behind or get lost.  It is also their job to be a cheerleader in the back and also the one that tends…

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