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Motivational Monday Julie Paisant

Motivational Monday with Julie Paisant

…way I trained for races after that and it really paid off. Tell us all about your bikes I am currently riding a Ridley X-Fire for Cyclocross. Also built up an old bashed up Redline frame for single speed races. I was surprised at how solid this bike feels. 05′ Santa Cruz Blur, mountain bike. It has been an awesome race bike but parts are breaking down over the years. Time for something new. Thanks to Mock Orange Bikes, I have a Kona King Ka…

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Foundry Cycles Auger B1

My Bikes: Foundry Cycles Auger B1

…t bike in my fleet is a cyclocross bike from Foundry Cycles. When looking through all the brands I rep for my next cyclocross bike for the upcoming season I was automatically drawn to the Auger. Late last season I had raced a Ridley X-Fire, while I enjoyed it immensely (and will probably end up on a disc version this year) the geometry was more race driven than I wanted to ride this summer and I also wanted to try something different. The brand o…

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Road Rides on the Horizon

…ough the corner. All with the motor of your own engine. Lately, I have been riding one of my road bikes more, a Ridley Orion. The feel of a thoroughbred wanting to gallop from the line, pushing me to longer miles than the coach prescribed. The bike wanting to push further. Hugging the asphalt and yet the 700×23/25 tires buzzing efficiently under me. As the weather gets cooler we all need motivation, so here is my deal. I’ll work on tel…

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Riding in the Rain

Staying Motivate to Ride in 36º Rain

…on the couch with a good book. Necessary Items to Become Rain & Wind Ready Fenders quickly installed on the Ridley Helium SL (SKS Raceblades to the rescue) Waterproof backpack (SealLine Urban Backpack) Wool and warmth as close to my body as possible (Smart Wool) Wind and waterproof outer layers Blinky lights Other Things that Kept Me Motivated I planned my ride to have multiple stops. The first was for coffee and lunch. The second was my stor…

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Your Spring Cleaning List

…garage, which is filled with bikes mind you, and realize I have a ton to do. Multiple bikes need washed, my new Ridley Orion needs cables adjusted, there is a Karate Monkey half built, a Pugsley that needs cleaned and transported to a shop for demo, two bikes that need sold and a few boxes in the middle that need shipped back to their home. Spring is calling and all I want to do is ride I think that is a fact for everyone that reads this here blo…

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Motivatonal Monday Sirena

Motivational Monday with Sirena Lundsford

…e this year. What has been your best moment on the bike this year? I think the best moment on the bike this year hasn’t happened yet! I have had some really great opportunities to “work” for friends and other riders during some road races this year. Nothing feels better to me on the road than putting in a good pull for someone else. All About My Bikes I have one bike right now, a Ridley X-Fire that I am simply in love with….

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