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This morning's commute

Passing Gas

…ies quite a bit depending on which side I’m arguing that particular ride.  Some commutes I’ll sit at all the red lights behind rows of cars, while on other days I zip by so I can wait out the light at the front of the line.  Here are the arguments that I’ve come up with so far for both sides:Pro passing cars Cars pass me, so why shouldn’t I get to pass them back?  We’re supposed to have equal rights to the road, so it makes sense that cyclists…

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Light & Motion Seca 800

New Bike Lights for Burn 24 Hour

…urn 24 Hour race. New parts getting installed, new rear wheel, new Camelbak, new chamois, and now new bright ass lights. Light & Motion Seca 1400 1400 lumens on a light is completely amazing craziness. I remember when my previous Seca 800 was the brightest thing out there. Cars thought I had high beams on as I commuted on the road and on the trail even my sleep deprived eyes could see well with the high beam on. I plan on doing a few test rid…

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Light Up Your Bicycle Wheels

A cool concept that I always wish I could afford is the LED lights you put on your wheels that make shapes and color patterns. The makers, MonkeyLectric, have come out with a more affordable and not so bulky option – Mini Monkey Lights. Currently the guys are using Kickstarter to gain interest and help fund the new project….

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