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Adjust Avid BB5 Brakes

How To: Properly Setup and Adjusting Avid BB5 Brakes

…ey are talking about.  Tech Tuesday is the remedy for common tech questions! As you know I have beenrocking the Airborne Delta CX bike for this summer going into cyclocross season. Originally I was struggling to adjust the Avid BB5 road calipers that come stock on the cyclocross bike. (Yes, it is a disc brake cyclocross bike.) After several tries at adjusting the brakes as Avid outlines on their website I finally started from scratch using good o…

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Bike Storage Options

…bike. Pro’s : Easy for everyone to use Con’s : Bikes can lean over and possibly falling over. Hooks Delta Wall Rack These are a commonly found in garages, or storage rooms where you can drill into your studs.  There are two common ways you see these used:  Either hanging one in a stud and placing a wheel (front or rear, make sure they are tight!) The bike then hangs vertically down the wall or stud.  Another method is to space two so…

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Motivational Monday with Wendy Davis

…le to see that if I can do it, so can they. The bike has made me happier and healthier. I keep riding because it makes me a better human. What has been your best moment on the bike so far this year? Racing at Sea Otter courtesy of Airborne Bicycles and crushing gravel at the Dirty Kanza 200 Tell us all about your bikes 2009 Specialized hard-tail singlespeed 2011 Kona Jake the Snake 2011 Airborne Goblin Read more about Wendy over at her blog!…

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30 Days of Biking

#30DaysofBiking Update

…weekend by knocking out 12 miles after work on the singlespeed 29er.  I also scurried home to build up the new Airborne Goblin 29er. Day 7: A shake down mountain bike ride at Lake Norman State Park.  Adjusting my cock pit, getting used to gears and suspension Day 8: A 28 mile road ride on the 29er mtb for fit and adjustment reason Day 9: 7 mile afterwork mountain bike ride Day 10: Built up a friends new Airborne Goblin, tweaked his new Stevens c…

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2012 Cannondale Bad Girl

Preview: 2012 Cannondale Bad Girl Urban Line

…ow or premiere, you arrive in style. Cannondale Bad Girl 1 $1670 The frame mimics that of the old school “Delta-V” mountain bikes. The Bad Girl 1 also has the Cannondale Lefty Headshok, with new OPI (one piece integration) fork The drivetrain is a good mix of Shimano Deore/SLX, with Magura Hyraulic disc brakes. Rip up the streets or commute in style, this bike takes the fitness hybrid and commuter to another level. 2012 Cannondale Bad…

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Sea Otter Classic Twitter

2011 Sea Otter Update

…eat questions and feedback from women and athletes.  If you are at Sea Otter, this is a must.  And you don’t even have to be a guy! Trying to stay on East coast time but have been failing.   Instead we go out to dinner at 8pm most nights and  I get back to the hotel exhausted to pass out in bed! Thank you to everyone that has introduced themselves in person, visited the Airborne or Ladies Lounge and reached out about Bike Shop Girl!…

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Trail Review: Coldwater Mountain, Anniston, AL

…et comfortable jumping, I stayed on the ground most of the time, but the trail flowed well, whether grounded or airborne.  The most difficult part of the “Most Difficult” trail was just knowing what speed was right for me going over the manmade jumps and berms. Unfortunately, this downhill doesn’t spill right out into the parking lot, so we did find ourselves about 2 miles from the parking lot with another long uphill to climb. …

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Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday with Robin

…love road riding and now cyclocross What is your first cycling memory? My banana seat coaster bike…going airborne and breaking my leg (both shin bones)…spent 11 weeks in casts…and I still went back for more! Who inspires you to ride, and better yet WHY? my friends support me and inspire me…my coach…I want to improve for myself. I keep reaching for new goals. What has been your best moment on the bike so far this yea…

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Sea Otter Preview Vlog in the CLT Airport

While delayed at the Charlotte airport, I threw together a video using my Macbook’s iSight.  Working through the kinks.. In the film I mentioned a few things. Airborne Bicycles (partner and sponsor of Bike Shop Girl) Sea Otter Classic Sea Otter Ladies Lounge with Rebecca Rusch…

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