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Ice Pops

Goals for Burn 24

…ngry and then cranky. Whatever that means, do it. If I crave a latte in the middle of the night from the coffee guy setup, do it. Chicken nuggets from Wendy’s? Do it. Don’t go overboard and hurl, but stay fed and motivated to do laps. I plan on using food as motivation. “Two more laps and you can have that latte.” I don’t want to know where my competition is. It doesn’t matter. First, last, middle. The competit…

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Arleigh Pain Cave

Visiting the Pain Cave

Back in May I started conversation with a guy by the name of Steve Weller of Bell Lap Coaching. With my crazy schedule of juggling so many things I needed to find someone that could negotiate my available timing to give me the best quality workouts which would in return give me the best quality results. This is a long term investment, in myself, my riding and my lifestyle. I wouldn’t wake up being 50% faster but over time with dedication (…

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2013 Race Planning

…goals are not race results but instead the following. Personal weight, nutrition and sticking to whatever this guy tells me to do. Races and Series NC Cyclocross season, there will be a few races in January and then the season again in the fall. Charlotte Short Track Series. It’s pedaling distance from my house, how could I not? SERC XC Series. All over my territory and a lot of fun courses for ’13. Southern Classic XC. Again more ce…

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Motivational Monday Emily

Motivational Monday with Emily Sportsman

…needs.  My husband and I first met mountain biking too. Who/What influenced you the most when you started? The guys and one other girl in the bike club at my university.  They were supportive and encouraging and fun.  It was a low BS, low ego group I feel lucky to have met. Many of us are still friends 20+ years later. What are your riding related goals? I finally got the courage to move up to Pro/expert mountain bike and Cat As in cyclocross th…

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Sea Otter Classic Twitter

2011 Sea Otter Update

…eat questions and feedback from women and athletes.  If you are at Sea Otter, this is a must.  And you don’t even have to be a guy! Trying to stay on East coast time but have been failing.   Instead we go out to dinner at 8pm most nights and  I get back to the hotel exhausted to pass out in bed! Thank you to everyone that has introduced themselves in person, visited the Airborne or Ladies Lounge and reached out about Bike Shop Girl!…

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Airborne Cyclocross Bike

Review: 2011 Airborne Delta CX

…s usage but you normally only see this size on XC weight weenies. Ability for fenders and a rear rack. The main guy behind product development, Jeremy Mudd, wanted this bike to be able to a little bit of everything. With rear rack mounts on the top of the seat stays and mounts for fenders at the bottom bracket chain stay bridge, and fork drop outs. You will need a disc brake rear rack, the guys at Airborne recommend the Blackburn EX-1 Disc that c…

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Female cyclocross rider in Georgia.  Photo by Nathan Bolster.

Preview of Louisville 2013–Cyclocross World Championships

…of cyclocross, which means that the course should be great.  If you want to preview the course, check out this guy’s blog.  If you want to know what cyclists and officials think about the course, Velo News has a great article with thoughts from a lot of the top cyclists that have ridden it.  If this weekend goes well, maybe other cities will consider building their own cyclocross specific venues. 3.  European-style excitement about cyclocr…

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Dear Bike Shops, Own Your Brand

…ted, the owners are hands on. All very good…no GREAT things. What I am saying is that looking at what the guy is doing across town to help you figure out what you should be doing, or allowing it to dictate what you sell or stock is wrong. Believing in what you do, marketing yourself, owning your brand and believing in bikes will get us all much further. The bike shops in the same town should be fighting for the same rights and message. We a…

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Outlier Pants

Commuting : How Not to Wear Spandex

…s when we go shopping, I’ve been shopping for styling clothes that are “bikeable.” If I was a guy, this would be easy but it seems like the idea of technical fabrics and womens dress codes are very rare. Thankfully the mornings have been cooler so I can pull off the 2.5 mile bike ride from the bus to work by simply rolling up my pants legs and pedaling slowly not to sweat. This won’t always be the answer, especially when i…

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Review: Cutter Tech Knickerbocker

…which is very comfortable riding, feels a bit weird standing up. As a girl they look fine on me, but if I was a guy I would be worried they are too tight/snug in the knee area. Details at the Heart The knickers have details of someone that rides, they thought through the design and I thank them for that. Reinforced crotch Pockets for pens/moleskins or a large wallet A loop for keys/U-Lock safety Final Conclusion and Thoughts For $149.99 these are…

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