…look to it but holds all the function and design that we know of Batavus. From Bespoke : The Batavus BUB is the classic omafiets-meets-Rem Koolhaus. Expressively modern, the Batavus BUB (Batavus Utility Bike) deconstructs the classic Batavus omafiets while constructing a more cosmopolitan – yet equally iconic – iteration of the classic Batavus bike.  True to the essence of the original, classic Batavus bike, the BUB keeps clothing clean, the ride…

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Sea Otter Classic Twitter
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As I’m traveling to the 2011 Sea Otter Classic I wanted a quick reference for everyone in attendance over the four days. Please share and add in comments any other twitter names I left off. If you are talking about the event, please use #SeaOtter @SeaOtterClassic @BikeShopGirlcom – Bike Shop Girl owner @Arsbars – Personal handle of Bike Shop Girl @Airborne_Bikes – Airborne Bicycles (a partner of Bike Shop Girl) @KineticK…

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…anting to ride a bike is almost as important as how well the bike rides.  While walking the grounds of the 2011 Sea Otter Classic I spied color, ProTaper XC colored handlebars from Answer to be exact.  There aren’t enough bike components made in green, and we all know my love of pink. Answer ProTaper XC MTB Handlebar I was caught taking photos by one of the Answer guys, I inquired if they were making a flat bar in pink.  29ers ride very wel…

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Airborne Goblin 29er Preview
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…can’t wait to get my butt on the bike to taste my new bike! Today’s the Day As I walk into the 2011 Sea Otter Classic I have a few things on my mind, and a few things to take care of but I am ultimately excited to be testing out what I’ll be riding the rest of 2011. Between the Airborne Goblin 29″ and the Airborne Delta CX my butt will mostly be rotating between some variation of these two bikes. Look for an initial previe…

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…t 6 Hours of Warrior Creek – Thank you Melissa for not making me do another lap. Airborne Flight Crew – A great opportunity to ride a good bike, a free trip to Sea Otter and meeting new people. Motivational Monday – It inspires me weekly when strangers will answer my questions about their cycling lives. My Support Team at 24 Hours of Burn – Patient, funny, great cooks, horrible mechanics and amazing people.      …

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Airborne Goblin 29er
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…country, so if you can’t ride mine you may be able to ride someone elses! FTC Disclaimer : I was not paid or bribed for this review.  The bike was given to me for free for the entire season.  I was flown to Sea Otter for an all expense paid trip with Airborne Bicycles but hopefully you know from reading my reviews that the trip, nor the bike would change how I feel about the bike….

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Yuba Bikes Spicy Curry
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…rie Technologies to build a car replacing cargo bike, the Spicy Curry. This bike will be officially launched at Sea Otter but Yuba sent out some spec info out earlier today. The only thing missing on this bike, in my opinion, is a generator front hub and lights. 20 inch rear wheel for better balance. Plug-in cargo system with optional Truck Bed Add-On that creates a four-foot-square cargo area. Integrated adapter to easily install or remove Yepp…

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The Bike Industry is Sick (1)
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…ding a brand, about selling or making a community. There are multiple events during the year like Interbike and Sea Otter where brands and shops ship their employees to drink the latest Kool-Aid, but we are serving them product that will be phased out in 6 months and not knowledge that will help any customer that walks in your door. How Do We Fix The Bicycle Industry? 1. We teach bike shops how to run as a business. This includes marketing, sales…

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Motivational Monday Katie Holden
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I met Katie last year at Sea Otter. A kick ass, down to earth, downhill chick. She talked about mountain technique, safety and was a smiling face that many women need to see when relating to “GNAR-CORE” riders. Super approachable and always wanting to help other women get stronger! What’s your name and location? My name is Katie Holden and I live in Scotts Valley, CA (near Santa Cruz) What type of cycling do you enjoy? I was born and…

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Chrome Sherman Bag Review
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…oduces a new look at doing business as a mechanic and ease of use for tool storage. The spring and early summer season is always my busiest. First to Sea Otter, a couple local endurance races, a 24 hour mtb race and a handful of South East crit series to hit up. As a racer, but more importantly as everyone’s friendly female mechanic it is my job to be organized and prepared for whatever you need at the race. Using the Chrome Sherman At firs…

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