Tern Vektron Electric Folding Bike

Tern Vektron S10 Folding Electric Bike Review

After riding the Tern Vektron in various conditions we can say that this small bike packs a surprising punch. Click through to read our overall impressions, and who we think this Vektron electric folding bike is for.
Myth Busting Bike Share

Episode 6 – Myth Busting: Bike Share Won’t Grow the Biking Pie

It doesn't matter where you stand on bike share, it is here to stay and it is growing. We talk with Andy Boenau, a city planner, and storyteller about bike share myths.
Protect Cycling Rights

Why Must We Protect Our Cycling Rights?

Fear of being hit while biking is a large barrier to get people biking. In this episode, we discuss the importance of cycling rights with Bike Law and how should all be involved in protecting them.
Flipping the Script and Focusing on Growth Markets

Flipping the Script and Focusing on Growth Markets

We talk with Melissa Balmer, the Founder of Pedal Love. We discuss flipping the script of the bike industry by focusing on casual biking and general bicycling.
US Bicycle Lobbying

US Lobbying, the Past, the Present, the Future

Arleigh Greenwald talks with Andy Clarke the Director of Strategy for Toole Design, about the US bicycle lobbying and advocacy efforts, where we have come from and where Andy thinks we are headed.
Bike Shop Talk - Service is Always the Answer

Bike Shop Talk: Service is Always the Answer

Arleigh talks with Jude Gerace from Sugar Wheelworks as they discuss why service should always be the answer in the bike industry, why we need to move away from the "independent bicycle dealer" framework & being a woman in the bike industry.

The State of the Bike Industry in January 2018

Listen as we talk with Mark Sutton of Cycling Industry News about the highs and lows of 2018 for the bicycle industry and what we hope for as 2018 begins.

Bike Shop Marketing Services

Our goal in bike shop marketing is to get your message and services to the right audience with proven tactics so that you know what you are doing down to the day that will lead to more sales and growth for your store.
The Shift Up Podcast Trailer

The Shift Up Podcast Trailer

My bike industry podcast, Shift Up, has launched! Give the trailer a listen and hit subscribe so that you receive the first official episode next week.
2018 Electra Electric Bikes

2018 Electra Electric Bikes

If you are in the market for a casual electric bike you should try to take one of these Electra electric bikes for a test ride.