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Bicycle Recovery

Steps to Recovery After My Bicycle Accident

…It is fall after all, and its my favorite time of year. The leaves on the trees are beautiful colors, there is cyclocross bike races, beautiful chill mornings and my birthday is right around the corner. Keeping all those things in mind I’ve been trying to take steps forward. Purchased a car. As dirty as it originally felt, I’m very excited about the daily driver (this car will have its own post) and being able to get to the MTB trail…

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Where Do You Go Now?

…ns The car didn’t stop in time.  The car hit my legs and the rear of my bike.  Folding the rear end of my cyclocross bike and back wheel.  I quickly bounced from the car to the ground. Panic and Yells from Pedestrains Shock. Shaking.  Multiple people kept me on the ground. Making me lay flat on my back.  “Are you okay?”…”What’s your name?”….”Call 911!!” Shock. Fear. I refuse to look at m…

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Robin Farina National Champion

Motivational Monday with Robin Farina

…type of cycling do you enjoy? All kinds of cycling. Mainly race on the road but I love a good mtn bike ride and cyclocross ride What is your first cycling memory? Crashing on wet pavement on my bright shiny Schwinn when I was about 10 years old. It ripped off my fingernail. Who in the current cycling industry inspires you, and better yet WHY? Right now I am pretty inspired by women racers that have balance going on in their lives. Obviously you c…

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Barb Chamberlain Motivational Monday

Motivational Monday: Barb Chamberlain

…g from freestyle mountain bike competition to “slow cycling” to riding with kids to road racing and cyclocross. They write about fashion, frustration, and the joys of riding. They are the future of bike riding in the US and in the world. I’ve set up accounts to let me share feeds from these blogs and am featuring a blog each day for as long as I can go. Every day brings me a new blog discovery and I already know I can keep this…

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2012 Trek Neko

Preview: 2012 Trek Bikes Neko Dual Sport Line

…rocking on the road or commuting. For the average person it is the true DO ALL bike. Think of it in line with a cyclocross bike, but for folks on a budget or not wanting drop bars and a leaned over position. Starting in 2011 Trek brought the Dual Sport to the women’s line. Welcome the 2012 Trek Neko Dual Sport lineup. 2012 Trek Neko $529.99 21 speeds, double wall (stronger) wheels, and 700x38mm tires. A perfect starter bike. Room for racks,…

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Marianne Vos

An Interview with Marianne Vos

Podium Cafe posted a great, lengthy, article on Marianne Vos. Vos is a Dutch road, track and cyclocross racer with an impressive list of race results for being only 24! Check out the article and please come back to give us your thoughts….

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Founder's Beer

Fun Day February Friday

…he event, along with featuring some seminars after the show shuts down. From Minneapolis is Georgia. Southern X cyclocross endurance event, Southeast Bike Expo, Foundry Cycles launch parties, trips with my Lazer manager and continuing to learn more shops in the Southeast area. Things that Matter a Bunch to me and nothing to you I finally got a hold of a centerlock rear rotor today at First Flight Bikes. I paid retail and I’m okay with it &#…

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Foundry Auger

Happy Legs on the Foundry Auger

…ng soon as I finally snapped some decent pictures during my ride today. Tomorrow starts the build phase of the summer with goals of cyclocross in the fall. Roughly 15 hours on the training plan this week from the coach, my main goal this week is to get back on the pony and find that confidence in my legs again. Mixed with a ton of prep work, phone calls and meetings with dealers to prepare for 2013 product…this will be a couple busy weeks!…

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Focusing on the Reasons We Do This

…more wrapped up in “training” then family or friends. They do overlap to a point but doing well in cyclocross this fall isn’t as important as getting my girlfriend on a mountain bike more this summer. After some soul searching over the past few weeks, a busy schedule, some driving and not a lot of riding this is what I’ve come up with. As a tech geek I plan on still reviewing new high end product as the time arises but I…

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Unplugged for a Week

…excel spreadsheets of bike dealer stats and getting my head on straight for the haul from June to the start of cyclocross season. I believe I’m there as my legs felt great the past two days after the week off. My head is on and while I don’t want to geek out too much yet about ‘cross season – I do have goals that I plan on writing out on my bathroom mirror and on my office desk. In other news I was voted to the board of o…

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