Colorado Winter Cycling
Colorado CyclingMotivation

I need to confess, I haven’t been riding my bike as you can probably tell from the lack of updates and Strava achievements. In the cold and dark I’ve been turning to running and exploring the trails near my home. While this isn’t ideal for a content on a cycling specific site it is ideal for my happiness. My 2014 goals include no bike races for the first time in many years but instead to explore more and become a more rounded a…

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Change the Game
Better Bike IndustryCycling

…a dog running to the beach and how happy it made them feel, or the latest challenge they went against to earn a Strava badge of Rapha honor. How can we take these strategies and apply them to our brands, or stores? How can we create a community out of storytelling? We Stink at the Business Side of Bicycles This is the largest flaw of them all and the one that will require the most work. Selling to consumers in 2015 it means upping our technology,…

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…nd finding peace with where I am. Next week I hope to track my food intake better, at least for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Not down to calories, but just to have a better clue have how much food it’s going to take to hit the 1,000 miles this month. For now I’ll leave you with some Strava stats and Flickr photos. Stats for the first 10 days of August (4 on the bike) 169.0 miles (831 miles to go!) 11hr 28m of ride time 5,856ft elevation…

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6 hours warrior creek 2013
Race ReportsTraining

…• Warrior Creek is one of my favorite trails on the east coast. The Garmin has a hard time tracking milage but Strava thinks that I rode 26.7 miles with 2,752 ft of elevation. Thank You to the Pit Crew The day wouldn’t have been possible without a group of amazing friends. My girlfriend flew literally around the world from Turkey to get to the race. Shelley, Syd and Allen all were great support as Melissa and I came in and out of the pits….

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…on your helmet (my preference) and a separate battery so you can charge others or have backups for long rides. Strava and Garmin Geeks Rejoice Does your loved one ride non-stop with a Garmin strapped to their bike? Class it up a bit with this K-Edge mount. For the Single Speeder in your Life Endless (another NC based company) is now anodizing their cogs to order! Road ID EVERY bicycle rider needs one of these. Or two. Or four. It won’t pre…

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…ate and loose ends to nail down to be able to hit the goals I have set for myself in 2013-2014 with work and on the bike. This means early mornings on the bike, or early mornings at the computer so I can break away for a couple hours around lunch if it is too chilly in the mornings. There is also the Rapha Festive 500 through Strava that I’m committing myself to. Why? Well, why not? Who’s excited for 2013 and your riding plans?…

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Denver Bike Commute

…uple times it is great to explore a new city and perfect the streets to ride on or avoid completely. Below is a Strava map of my ride into the shop. Pretty mellow and down hill until the last 2.5 miles which are constant climb to the front door of Salvagetti. This isn’t a horrible thing, but I’ve been testing out riding a single speed cyclocross bike with flat pedals for commuting and daily errands. I’m interested to see how fas…

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