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You May Not Need a Women’s Bike and Here Are 3 Reasons Why

…yle The next misunderstood topic of bike fitting is your personal riding style. No matter how amazing the sales guy is, unless he rides with you, they can’t predict your riding style. Do you like to climb? Do you descend like a bullet? Do you push your way through dirty berms or let the bike guide you around? This is something you need to understand, and hopefully you’ll have a good sales person that will ask you the right questions t…

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loose nuts cycles

Friday Shop Profile – Loose Nuts Cycles

…my largest Surly dealer in most of the state of GA. Running out of a killer store front in the Grant Park area. It has the “urban” feel but you will find beautiful Sachs road bikes, high end wheels being built and a super down to earth guy behind it all – Chris Tavel. (I hear he’s a great mechanic too..) Housed inside the bike shop is also a custom bag maker, Altrport, making bags of all types and sizes to your liking….

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War with the Industry: Starting with the Bike Shops

…enture and for the industry to get their head out of the ground. The first battle in this war is with the small guy on the totem poll with so much power… bicycle shops. Most bike shops forget at the end of the day they are the ones selling the bikes to the consumers. Marketing may have led the consumer to their door but they are the face of the bike industry. If they have horrible customer service or no foundation in the community there is…

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Interview with Sonya Looney

Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Sonya Looney

…d me he would let go and watch me ride all the time! My first memory mountain biking is getting dropped by some guy I was dating when I was 19(it was my first time mountain biking, and it was on my brother’s middle school mountain bike) because we were riding with this other girl that was a racer and he left me alone on the trail to go ride with her… and shortly dumped me thereafter. haha Who in the current cycling industry inspires y…

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Answer Products PINK ProTaper XC Flat Handlebar: On Review

…d we all know my love of pink. Answer ProTaper XC MTB Handlebar I was caught taking photos by one of the Answer guys, I inquired if they were making a flat bar in pink.  29ers ride very well with flat bars… The nice guy said “Yes, yes I do! How about you check out the matching gloves?” How could I turn this nice guy down?  White gloves, pink accents, and a clean subtle feel to the palm.   The graphics on the handlebar and gloves…

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Arleigh Jenkins 2012 Burn 24

2012 Burn 24 Hour Race Recap

…d been left sitting out on the side of the trail waiting for the 4 wheeler to come get me. Hindsight One of the guys on the crew, Ben, was keeping my moving lap times. He didn’t show them to me when I was riding but I looked at them the next morning. I was consistently turning hour lap riding times. This isn’t pit times, as those got longer and longer, but the moving time. That made me happy to see. That motivates me to strive onas on…

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Southern Spokes Recap

…m to fill everyone in, thank a whole boatload of folks and get started planning for next year! Here’s some key highlights that I feel sum up things for my readers here. A ton of women’s raffle prizes, and everyone that bought a raffle ticket won something Kids rides, women’s rides, fat bike rides Waffles and Nutella Really good BBQ No hail Campfire stories A guy that rode 140 miles from Columbia, SC just for the festival  …

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Fat Cyclist Twin Six

List of Love: Twin Six

…ix kit is easily the hottest kit out there this season. Sleeveless, short sleeve and matching bibs. Do it. My latest lust is the Crank kit. Yes it is for “guys” but I swear their bibs are super comfy. Jersey, bibs and socks to match! Show up to your next race wearing logo free awesomeness! I wasn’t paid or bribed for this ballad of love. I sometimes get free stuff from time to time but I wear it because it’s comfortable!…

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