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Dear Bike Shops, Own Your Brand

…at their competition for direction on where they should be going with their own store. Why? Why are you selling road bikes when you are never on a road and have no one in your shop that road bikes? Why? Why did you start selling tri bikes when you secretly make fun of them, you’ve never gone from T2 to a run. You don’t know what it means to need to change your bike fit to make this better. Why? Why are you still ordering 26″ fu…

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Raleigh Capri Header

Intro: 2014 Raleigh Capri Women’s Aluminum Road Line

…houghts: If you are on a budget but want a bike that will last a couple seasons until you are sure you like this road bike thing, take this bike for a spin. The upgrade to a carbon fork and 9 speed drivetrain is worth the $250 over the 1.0! 2014 Raleigh Capri 1.0 MSRP: $700 Spec: Shimano Claria 8 speed Weight: 23.3 lbs for 52cm Sizes: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56cm Thoughts: I wish this model came in a 46 for smaller ladies or kids getting in to road biki…

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