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Abus Boro Lite Review

Review: Abus Bordo Lite

As a rep with QBP we are sometimes sent fun samples to try out, if we like them we can show them to shops and increase sales a bit in that category. Earlier this year I was sent some Abus lock samples, the coolest of course was this folding, cuff like, Bordo Lite. MSRP: $90 Details: 5 mm steel bars, with plastic coating to prevent damage to the bicycle’s paintwork Silicone cover for the lock body with “soft touch” properties Li…

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Be the Change

Be the Change

…s. The comments, critisism, feedback and help have always kept me going. A year ago when I took my job as an outside rep for QBP I knew that Bike Shop Girl would change, but first I needed to learn what my new career meant and how I could mirror that online. Over the next couple weeks leading to the end of the year you’ll see some content change, some restructuring of thoughts and in the end a cleaner, stronger, Bike Shop Girl brand….

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Salsa Casseroll

Full Review: 2012 Salsa Cycles Casseroll

…can’t beat up on the parts for the extras you get. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay Casseroll Top Tube Tiagra STI Shifters Short & Shallow Drop Bars Rear Drop Outs Velo Orange Cages Sugino Cranks Adventure by Bike Pretty Fork & Rack This bike was provided at no-charge for review. Yes, I am a QBP rep but also have strong opinions that hopefully were shared during this review. I wasn’t bribed or threatened on this review. Amen….

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Jonny Sundt

Interbike ’12: Day One Recap

…check in, credentials, Treasure Island, dessert dehydration and simply getting my bearings after no sleep. Day two of Outdoor Demo is today, look for a good amount of product and photos being pushed out through the day! Surly Sov Surly Greg Raleigh Joey Raleigh’s Joey Limited Edition Crank Brothers Limited Edition Crank Brothers Girl Bike Love Lounge Jonny Sundt QBP Cases Interbike App Interbike Check In Shops at Palazzo Treasure Island…

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Social Media for Bike Shops

Social Media for Local Bike Shops: Step 1

…ia and feeling overwhelmed by deciding what channels they should be utilizing. After co-hosting two seminars at QBP’s FrostBike this past February I realized that most bike shops are getting too stuck in the tactical side of social media. For example, what time should they be posting, what channels, how often and so on. Very few shops actually understood that the tactical side is something you worry about after you figured out the basics of…

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QBP Women's Scholarship

2014 Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarship

…depth, bike mechanics school! Do you know worthy women in your local bike shop? Are you one of them? SRAM, Liv, QBP, United Bicycle Institute (UBI), Pedro’s and Park Tool have joined together to offer ten scholarships for women bike mechanics to attend UBI. This scholarship is dedicated to getting more women on bikes and supporting the development of female mechanics. This opportunity is open to aspiring or experienced bike mechanics and women th…

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The Bike Industry is Sick (1)

The Bike Industry is Sick and Hiring More Women Won’t Fix It

…urself) valuable skills like bike fitting, sales techniques, or basic accounting functions. Some brands such as QBP, and Mann University, have identified this and are trying to help but it isn’t standard or a requirement. We have bike shop employees learning under fire and representing that shop to the customers that walk in the door. If they are lucky enough to work at a shop that has their own training protocol they are lucky, but unfortu…

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Surly Pugsley Fat Bike

Tech Tuesday: What the Heck is a Fat Bike

…mmon tech questions! One of the latest bikes to enter my fold as a demo bike for my outside sales position with QBP is a Surly Pugsley. As I bring the bike to more and more events or am seen on the side of the trails with this fine steed I’m often asked “WHAT THE HECK IS THAT??” If you can’t tell from the photos, the tires are freaking huge. 3.8 inches to be exact.  Compare that to a normal mountain bike tire which is on a…

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Surly Troll Preview

Preview: Surly Troll. One Part MTB, One Part Utility

While at the Surly Intergalactic Headquarters of QBP I was able to demo a few bikes for commuting purposes from my abode to the headquarters. While there was also a Civia I haven’t put up yet, there is a Surly Troll that also busted a friends hip on the black ice across the Minneapolis pavement. The Troll was an interesting vehicle and rather fun to ride. Take the proven 1×1 platform, edit a few things, add a crap ton of braze on moun…

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Screen shot 2011-12-05 at 4.21.11 PM

How Do You Dress for 10º Commuting?

Next Monday through Friday I’ll be in Minneapolis for a week’s worth of training for the new gig. I would like to commute by bike as much as possible from my humble abode to the QBP headquarters 14 miles away. Looking at the weather it seems to be in the teens most mornings, granted I am a week out so weather may change. How would you dress for such weather? What are key things I should pack and worry about? Sound off!…

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