Airborne Goblin 29er

2011 Airborne Goblin 29er Full Review

…to the best of my ability thus far and this is my review based on those elements. The Gloves Thrown Off – Airborne Goblin Review You should know going into this a small disclaimer.  I do ride this bike for free as part of the Airborne Flight Crew ambassador program.   With that you should know I probably will be more critical of the bike due to this reason.  The folks at Airborne Bicycles are good friends of mine and I hope them to high st…

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2011 Airborne Goblin 29er: On Review

…akes, RockShox Reba RL fork, WTB Trail 29 wheels. What that means for you This bike is a budget friendly bike, Airborne gets you a very well spec’d bike at a cheaper price by taking out the middle man, the bike shop.   While I encourage most folks to go to a bike shop to purchase bikes, this doesn’t always fit and personally I am glad to have a bike company behind me for the season (I’m sponsored by Airborne) that I can sell t…

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Adjust Avid BB5 Brakes

How To: Properly Setup and Adjusting Avid BB5 Brakes

…hey are talking about.  Tech Tuesday is the remedy for common tech questions! As you know I have beenrocking the Airborne Delta CX bike for this summer going into cyclocross season. Originally I was struggling to adjust the Avid BB5 road calipers that come stock on the cyclocross bike. (Yes, it is a disc brake cyclocross bike.) After several tries at adjusting the brakes as Avid outlines on their website I finally started from scratch using good…

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Airborne Goblin 29er Preview

First Taste of a New Bicycle

When I was first notified that I had made the cut for the Airborne Flight Crew my selfish first thought was “when do I get to try out the bikes?” No longer do either the dreaming of bikes, or critically going through the specifications or grams of a bicycle do it for me. Every bike is built different, and other than the geometry of a bike your early can’t know how all the ingredients of the end recipe will turn out. Every…

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