Creating Bike Mechanic Standards

Creating Bike Mechanic Standards with PBMA

The Professional Bicycle Mechanics Association is a fairly new nonprofit helping create better standards for service in the bicycle industry and defining what it means to be a professional bike industry mechanic. Listen in as we learn about their work and future of the bike industry!
VIDA MTB Series Women's Rider to Racer Enduro Program

Interested in Enduro Racing? VIDA MTB Has a Program for You

If you are in the Denver metro area and remotely interested in trying enduro racing then this new program from the Yeti Cycles VIDA MTB series and Wheat Ridge Cyclery may be for you.
Shift Up Podcast - 30 Days of Biking

Leveraging 30 Days of Biking to Move Your Customers

I spoke with Patrick Stephenson from 30 Days of Biking about how you can use it to get back in the habit of biking AND tips on leveraging it to help your current and potential customers bike more in April.
Two Wheel Gear Convertible Briefcase Pannier

Kickstarter: Two Wheel Gear Convertible Bike Briefcase

This new Kickstarter from Two Wheel looks to be a well-designed bag, with lots of storage (hooray!), that will fit an assortment of rear bike racks.
Shift Up Podcast Trek Bike Safety

Trek Bikes Takes on Cycling Safety

Listen along as we talk with Eric Bjorling, Brand Manager of Trek Bicycles, about the MOST important topic we can tackle, cycling safety. Learn about Trek’s safety research, new products, and the bicycle to vehicle technology they are currently working on.
QBP's Community Grant Program

QBP’s Community Grant Program

QBP recently announced a community grant program to help support their bike dealers. The deadline is March 12th so make sure to listen to this episode to hear learn the details.
Bike Products are Funding NRA

Special Episode – Profits from Bike Products Support the NRA and Privatizing Lands

Profits from your purchases from Vista Outdoors, Giro, Bell, Camelbak, Blackburn, and more, could be funding the NRA and politicians trying to privatize our land. Join us as we talk with Aaron Naparstek on what he has discovered and what he thinks the industry should do.
The Current Status of US Bike Shops

Bike Shop Talk: The Current Status of US Bike Shops

This may be my favorite Shift Up podcast episode yet. In this episode, we are digging in with Jay Townley to discuss the key highlights from the 2017 National Bicycle Dealer Association Speciality Retailer report.
Club Ride 2018 Women's Cycling Clothing

Club Ride’s Spring 2018 Women’s Clothing

Club Ride has been making great technical "casual" biking clothing for years. We love seeing their women's line expand and the Spring 2018 gear may be the best line up yet. Here are a few pieces that we really love and think will work well on and off of the bike.

Losing Bike Commuting Benefits and What to Do Next

The United States lost the bicycle commuter benefits in the recent tax reform. We discuss the repercussions of losing these tax credits with Amelia Neptune and Ken McLeod from the League of American Bicyclists, and what bike shops and brands should be doing to build better bicycle-friendly communities and businesses.