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Let’s be honest, gloves are odd.  I’ve always been a fan of the basic long finger mountain bike glove. Everyday, on road or mountain, I wore them.   Then about two months ago I was sent a pair of Pearl Izumi P.R.O. Pittards Glove.  Things changed, the first was I quickly

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If you are here to view the 2012 Trek Lexa line up,  please click here. July through September is an exciting time of the year for the bike industry.  July is one of the busiest months across the US for retailers, and right around the corner the next seasons product

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I want to quickly send a huge congratulations to Sonya Looney.  Sonya was announced earlier this week to be one of two women to represent the US at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships. Not only is she fast, and a great racer on the endurance circuit but she is

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As I work in a bike shop day in and day out I have the blessing, sometimes the curse, to play with all the latest and greatest bike parts.  This adds a ton of complication to bike shopping for myself.  I’m able to help anyone that walks in the door,

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Along side my summer vampire novels and heart throbs there are two recent additions. The Cyclist’s Manifesto A wonderfully whimsical exploration of America’s transport choices…Highly recommended. — As my interest and goals of cycling advocacy enhancement expand I want to learn how as a culture we arrived where we

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