Soul Run Review
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…row it under my seat with a toe strap.   It won’t ever replace a seat bag as it is impossible to attach a light to it, but again for someone with several bags I use to commute with – this was a lifesaver.  I no longer had to make sure I had everything I needed every time I set off on a different bike or with a different bag. One of the coolest features to this tool roll was the custom colors, I was able to pick anything I wanted for n…

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Road Holland The Aalmsmeer
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…iends at Road Holland. The folks at Road Holland are pulling their subtle styles and beautiful reasoning into a lighter weight merino wool (and polyester) full zip jersey, The Aalsmeer.  It helps the jersey comes in two of my favorite colors, light blue and ORANGE! Did I mention they are being made in Miami?? Most of the photos displayed are the women’s jerseys but we are sneaking in a few of the guys for all you male lurkers out there! Wel…

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…morrow’s are left. All the lonely people cryin’ It could change if we just get started Lift the darkness, light a fire For the silent and the broken hearted Won’t you stand up Stand Up Stand Up Won’t you stand up you girls and boys? Won’t you stand up Stand Up Stand Up Won’t you stand up and use your voice? There’s a comfort There’s healing High above the pain and sorrow Change is coming Can you feel it? Calling us in to a new tomorrow Won’…

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2012 Trek Neko
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…iginally, was a huge favorite of stocking bikes when in my shop. It has 29er size wheels, strong enough to take light off roading, but efficient enough for rocking on the road or commuting. For the average person it is the true DO ALL bike. Think of it in line with a cyclocross bike, but for folks on a budget or not wanting drop bars and a leaned over position. Starting in 2011 Trek brought the Dual Sport to the women’s line. Welcome the 20…

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Airborne Cyclocross Bike
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I won’t lie, the Airborne Delta CX was the most exciting part of becoming a member of the Airborne Flight Crew this past spring. I was going to have the inside scoop, test ride and ride for a season a wonderful cyclocross bike that hopefully would crack open a huge “hidden nut” in the bicycle industry. A budget priced, disc brake, cyclocross bike. As a lover of cyclocross bikes for the utility and functionality, this bike fit r…

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Ann Groninger
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…r Adventures and some great friends – old and new. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I love riding along the light rail with my 2 year old in his i-bert seat. His excitement about everything around him is contagious. In the next year, what are your goals with cycling and pushing yourself forward? After years and years of riding for fun, utility and a little racing, I think I’d like to get stronger and race a little more…maybe cyclocross? I als…

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NC Cyclocross
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Peeling myself out from the warm covers early Sunday morning, the light wasn’t out yet and as I stumbled my way through getting dressed. It was going to be a long day as my knee and body screamed in pain due to the prior days 5k race efforts. Record time into the car, hitting up McDonalds for a Muffin, sausage, egg and cheese breakfast. 25 minutes later I am sitting in a Super Walmart parking long waiting for my friends and fellow EM:PWR t…

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Race for the Cure

…s I feel I am super slow. When my company decided to walk or run the Race for the Cure in Charlotte there was a light that clicked on in my head. Yes, this would be a great way to celebrate one year of being alive. Why not ride a bike? I ride a bike daily. Thanks to everyone that supported me I feel confident (though sometimes freaked out) to ride on the road or commute. That hurdle was overcome this past spring. Instead I am partaking in somethi…

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2011 Burn 24 Hour Challenge
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…st to prepare myself I lined myself up with some of the best support and gear a person could ask for.   Amazing lights from Light & Motion (Seca 700 and Stella 300.) A great pit setup and location, and a great prepared pit crew. Preparing for a 24 Hour Mountain Bike Race Friday I pulled a half day of work, finished packing up the little Jetta and headed up to Wilkesboro from Mooresville NC.   Quickly setting up my tent in fear of the rain sto…

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…t least have a tool in my back pocket to get you on a bike that I believe in. First Impressions The bike is not light, at all.  28 lbs for a 29er isn’t horrible, especially looking at the parts that come on it (new 2×10 technology, an air fork and good hydraulic brakes) this bike isn’t something to put your nose up at.  In fact you are getting a better parts package on this bike than some $1,800-$2,000 bikes.   Take the money you…

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