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Motivational Monday Sue Rawley 10 Jun ’14

Motivational Monday with Sue Rawley

What is your name and location? Sue Rawley What type of cycling do you enjoy? All

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Children's Bikes for Life Training 15 Mar ’14

Week-End Round Up for March 15

Grab a delicious cup of coffee as it is time for the week-end round up. Have

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Arleigh NC Cyclocross Lion's Roar 23 Oct ’12

Race Report: Lion’s Roar NC Cyclocross #2

While I have raced several cross races this year, they all have been prep work (fun)

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Lisa Cramton on a single speed 20 Jun ’11

Win a Bike Light – Motivational Monday with Lisa Cramton

This month’s Motivational Monday posts are brought to you by one of my personal

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12 Nov ’10

Tomorrow is my Birthday, This is What I’m Wishing For

November 13th is the day that I annually turn one year older, or my mother reminds

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Finding the Soul to Ride 30 Nov ’10

Finding the Soul to Ride

We all know by now, I was hit by a car two months ago.   To this date I

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NC Cyclocross 8 Jan ’11

First Race of 2011 : DFL

This morning I attended my first cyclocross race of the year, and notably the first

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Arleigh Jenkins 5 Jun ’11

Balancing Act of Riding and Family

This Saturday was much of the same if you have an active family with kids, and

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