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Batavus BUB on the Way

…position is straight-up, allowing for clear safety sightlines and less visits to the chiropractor. The frame is light enough to take indoors, but durable enough to be stored outside all year in a tough Northeast winter. Like an Eames chair, the design is thoroughly urbane, recalling the clever tricks of Dutch architects and a measure of frivolity admist stern Calvinist practicality. A smashing success in previews throughout Europe, the BUB challe…

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Let’s Talk Saddles : Types of Saddles

…sues will be holding you up instead of your sit bones.  If your distance or time picks up look for a narrower, slightly denser padded, seat. Firmer, recreational saddles are the most popular when it comes to family and mountain bikes.  Normally they will have a well positioned split in the middle towards rear of the seat. The padding is dense so you won’t sink in for awhile, but as you push your mileage make sure this saddle doesn’t s…

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2010 Bontrager Cycling Shoes

…9 Weight : 560G This model is new for 2010, originally they womans line went only to RL, this year you will see lighter, stiffer shoes available for women.  Only available in one color, the silver with blue highlights. RXL MTB MSRP $229.99 Weight : 670g Black and gold shoes, with the color option they are going to either hit the market hard and every fast girl will want them.  Or the shoe will sit on my shop floor until we can discount them.  The…

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Introducing : Specialized Amira

…eauties! The newest and fastest women’s bike goes by the name Amira. Engineered for speed, efficiency and light weight, the Amira uses advanced FACT IS construction, women’s performance geometry and a stiff, oversized head tube with a taper to deliver race-ready performance like no other women’s bike on the market. Amira Expert starts at $3300 and the Comp list at $2700.  With both of these bikes the frames are full carbon, outf…

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Basics : Cycling Computers

…ng on what features you need.  Some tell temperature, two wheel sizes if you have two bikes, others have a back light and larger numbers.   The Trek 9i and Cateye Enduro are top sellers.  The 9i tells temperature and the Enduro has a thicker wire for mountain biking. Cadence : Take all the features from above but take the cable and have the wire run down your bike to your rear wheel.  It also adds a second magnet to track how many times per minut…

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Crashing Your Bicycle into Golden Leaves

…inches of wet leaves to hide those evil roots. It was a Stupid Idea Night Riding Last Night I could feel it, my lights weren’t picking up depth with the colorful leaves thrown across the trail.  They weren’t picking up the roots I knew that were around that corner.  I had to ride.  I had to.  I needed it, my soul needed it and I needed to feel again in away that riding at night can only give. Cautiously I rode on.  The trail is around…

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Essentials For the Cyclist on Your Holiday List

…around service because during the upcoming year we’ll all need a good tune up, or wheel true. Rear Blinky Light – Even mountain bikers can use these if they ride at night, and for safety reasons you can never have enough rear red blinky lights! Socks – Wicking, wool, tall or short.  They have decorative, fancy or plain fun.  Go crazy, even the cyclist in denial of their funny bone will wear these in hiding away from their snobby friends. Nu…

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