2012 Specialized Fate Womens 29er
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In the past year 29ers finally hit the womens niche of the market.  Locally I have only been able to put my hands on the Trek versions of the womens 29ers.  After the test ride and looking deeper at the geometry I wasn’t sold. The bike didn’t ride well, but that was one brand trying their hand at the womens 29ers. Specialized has had their own cross country recreational womens 29er line out as well, the My…

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Women Bike
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I realize this is very much a repost of a press release, but the idea is killer and each program is unique. Do you think you could use any of these ideas in your community? To seed and support this growing momentum to encourage women from all backgrounds to become engaged in bicycling and the bike movement, the League of American Bicyclists’ Women Bike program has awarded $7,500 in small grants to innovative, model campaigns in four cities

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Women's 29er MTB

For the past month the women behind Bike Shop Girl have been test riding the 2011 Specialized Myka Expert 29er. Getting our own first hand impressions of how Specialized does womens 29ers. Along the way this has also allowed us to try out the Specialized 29er tires, Specialized Riva saddle and Rock Shox “Specialized Womens Tuned” fork. The Fit of the Specialized Myka 29er As a woman, I stand 5’10 with 33″ inseam. T…

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National Women's Bicycling Forum
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On March 4th, 2013, timing around the National Bike Summit, the League of American Bicyclists are hosting the second annual National Womens Bicycling Forum. I asked Carolyn, Director of Communications at the League of American Bicyclists, some follow up questions to learn more about what the League has planned for this Forum! About the National Womens Bicycling Forum Join hundreds of fellow advocates and enthusiasts who are working…

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Surly Ogre
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Several years ago I took some slack based off an article I wrote that womens 29er don’t work. I still stand next to this opinion and it seems that I am not the only one. I pride myself in my bike fitting experience and with over a 1,000 fits and a couple hundred custom bikes I can confidently tell most women that they have a 50/50 chance of a womens bike fitting them. Bike fit comes down to a few different things that include…

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2012 Raleigh Eva 29 Comp
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This is part of a series of short posts releasing the new 2012 Raleigh Bicycles womens line. Everything from 29er mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids, more carbon and womens cyclocross bikes. I’ve got the scope, but we can thank Raleigh’s Sally on this one. 2012 Raleigh Eva 29er Womens Mountain Bikes You are hearing it here first, two models of 29ers for women from Raleigh for 2012. Yes, another large bike manufa…

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Women And Bicycles
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WABA (Washington Area Bicycle Association) is putting together an education and outreach program to get more women on bikes! While the program is still in the infancy it seems they have obtainable goals and mission to begin with. I’m excited to follow along with what WABA is doing and how these efforts can be duplicated elsewhere. From WABA…. Why is getting more women on bikes a critical cause? In 2012, women represented just 22.7 pe…

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Review Giant Anthem X 29er 4

A long time ago I wrote an opinion article on why I didn’t believe womens designed 29ers worked. Designers were being pushed so hard to get things to market that the result was lack luster, and in my opinion these bikes often handled like crap compared to their non-womens designed brothers. The front end was flip-floppy, unless you had a crazy short stem and wide handlebar. While this works well for the true mountains, it doe…

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2014 Trek Lexa SLX
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Question : What Makes a Bicycle a Womens Bicycle? This is a broad question with  long answer so maybe take a seat. In the old days… Many women rode their bikes with skirts (much like they rode horses side saddle.)  When bicyles were designed for women they came out with a dropped top tube design.  The most popular of these were the “mixte” or step through.  The design is still carried in many lines.  Personally I think i…

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There is a hot debate going on at Bike Hugger.  Two articles are to be mentioned : The first isWomen as Outcast’s in Cycling Industry.”  The author goes on to tell about how it was very difficult for his wife to find a bike that truly fit her, even after trying several different types of bikes and bike shops.  He ends his story with a suggestion that every shop have a key individual for fitting problems. The follow up to the…

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