Strava Athlete Profile

Tracking My Progress with Strava

…nd such, over laid with your speed, cadence and possibly power. You really turn yourself into a machine! Welcome Strava, social media for bike rides Two years ago I first heard of Strava. I didn’t really get it, another site to track your GPS files. They had put a bunch of pro’s on the site, and I feel like there was only a paid version when it first started. In the beginning of the year when I purchased my new Garmin Edge 800 I start…

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Strava Awesomeness: GPX Download Functionality

If you are a contant reader you will know my love of Strava. It keeps me motivated, up to date with my friends rides across the world and technology makes my world go around. When I visit new places (which is weekly) I’m always trying to find new rides, routes and cue sheets. Using a split of Google, Garmin Connect and Map my Ride I’ve been doing okay. But now, Strava is allowing me download peoples routes to upload into my Garmin! I…

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Spring Cycling Tips

Spring is Here, Are You Ready?

…217;m not biting off too much, but also to make sure that my loved ones are on board with my insanity. Get Your Strava On. Much like the above, if you are externally motivated, Strava is addicting. Using your Strava smartphone app or a Garmin you can track all your rides, compare times and compare your times up popular climbs or streets against others. Warning: It’s addicting. Me: Follow me on Strava! Get dressed up like a super hero, or…

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Ridley Orion Chain

Tech Tuesday: Keeping Your Bike Out of the Shop

…ing items on a bike: Chain Cassette Tires Bar tape/grips Chainrings Seals on suspension (fork and shock) Using Strava for Bike Maintenace While I am a data geek, and spend too much time on Strava I have found that it is also an easy way for you to keep track of your equipment. Depending on your riding style you are normally able to start gauging how quickly you wear your equipment. It is also a good reminder of getting check overs. I’m…

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Weekly Bike Commuting Update

After last week’s post of finding motivation, I’ve put my legs to the grindstone and found happiness in both days of commuting on Thursday and Friday. With threats of rain (flooding to be exact) each day as I pedaled closer to home I found myself chasing rainbows and finding peace with where I am. Next week I hope to track my food intake better, at least for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Not down to calories, but just to have a better clue…

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