Guide to Bike Buying


(Most) Everything you need to know when buying a bike

Buying your first adult bike or contemplating the next bike to upgrade to is always hard. With proper research, a lot of questioning and several test rides, you’ll be sure to buy the perfect bike.

First Step in Bike Buying: Get Educated

I’ve compiled a list of the top questions I would ask customers when they came in to the shop bike shopping. You do not have to be an expert when you visit a shop, but having a better idea of type of bike and budget will make this process less stressful.

What are your goals for biking? Here are some tips to define your goals
What type of riding will you be doing? TBA
What kind of bike should I buy? Learn about the three most common types of bicycles
Should I buy new or used?

What determines the cost of a bike?
What should my budget be?
How should a bike fit?
What else do I need to buy?

Second Step in Bike Buying: Find a Bike Shop

Find a good bike shop or recyclery. This is easier said than done, and not because there are tons of bad shops out there but because every shop will have a different vibe, specialty and culture. Find the one that fits your needs. Ask friends, google, search yelp and then visit multiple. If you are looking to commute, find a shop that employees commute. If you want to do your first tri, find a shop that someone has first hand experience.

Third Step in Bike Buying: Test Ride

Bring what you plan on wearing biking and test ride. If you can demo bikes, even better.

Fourth Step in Bike Buying: Schedule Rides

The best thing you can do when you’re buying a bike is drink the Kool-Aid. Schedule introduction classes, look for like minded groups and dive in. The more community you build around yourself as you start will equate to how much you use that new perfect bike of yours.