12 May ’10

Clipless Pedal Advantages and Disadvantages

We recently talked about the different types of pedals, and left the conversation

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29 Apr ’10

Naked, Without My Basket

Two months ago I started commuting daily with the most fashionable basket possible,

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25 Apr ’10

Different Types of Pedals

There are a variety of pedal types out in bike land these days.  The three top

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8 Apr ’10

Can I Wear Guys Cycling Shorts?

The easy answer to the question “Can I wear guys cycling shorts?” Yes!

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5 Apr ’10

Testing Out DZ Nuts at 6 Hours of Warrior Creek

This past Saturday I suited up for a 6 hour mountain bike race.  I haven’t

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24 Mar ’10

Losing Those Last Extra Pounds? Try commuting

It is a known fact that as we age it is harder to keep the weight off.  Not only

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16 Mar ’10

The Best of the Best : Bike Trainers

This morning I was, brutally, reminded that some areas of the country are still in

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8 Feb ’10

Cell Phone Ban : Do you feel better on the...

Across the country the use of cellphones while driving is being cracked down on.

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28 Jan ’10

Do You Need a Womans Bike?

The short answer to the question “Do I need a woman’s bike?” is

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23 Jan ’10

Why I Ride with an iPod, and Don’t Think I’m...

For many years I’ve been riding on the road with music. Originally it was one

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