17 Sep ’10

Bicycle Suspension Service

As more and more folks are realizing the benefit of a well set up full suspension

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23 Aug ’10

Bicycle Storage Idea

A reader sent photos of her $10 bike storage concept utilizing closest rod brackets

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28 Jul ’10

Bike Storage Options

As everyone’s bike collection begins or grows the way you store your bikes

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25 Jun ’10

SRAM Force Brakes, Breaking?

It seems that there are still batches of SRAM Force recalled brakes out there. 

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21 Mar ’10

Video : Unboxing the Raleigh Clubman

We recently took delivery of a 2010 Raleigh Clubman. In this 6 minute clip we go

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3 Feb ’10

How To Video : Change a Flat Tire

We’ve asked you what you would like to learn how to do, techniques and, in

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22 Jan ’10

Top 5 Online Resources for Women

When I created Bike Shop Girl a few months back it was mainly out of frustration for

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19 Oct ’09

Grease Monkey Wipes : Intial Review

There is a buzz online about a couple different individual packaged wipes.  The

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6 Oct ’09

How to : Weekly Safety Check

We've hit upon the preventative maintenance and how to lube your chain so now is

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2 Oct ’09

What is a Scrader Valve or Presta Valve?

When you ride a bicycle it will come to a point that you’ll need to inflate

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