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Chrome Dolores Review
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For the past few years I have heard the spectrum of reviews on Chrome’s shoes. Chrome, known first for their made in the US bags that started in Colorado. Now the company is based out of San Francisco and has probably 3/4 of their line made over seas. This isn’t

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Fat Cyclist Twin Six
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I use a lot of bike gear, I ride about 5-7 days a week depending on work and I use a lot of bike gear. As I abuse and use things I want to start talking about brands or products that I fully support. Don’t think of these as reviews

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Giro DJ Glove Review
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Touch points on the bike are critical. I talk about saddles, shorts, grips, gloves and shoes enough that I hope you realize how important those comforts are. Introducing Giro DJ Gloves $34.99 Last week I was in Piney Flats Bicycles in Piney Flats, TN. On their wall a rather bright

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Lezyne Micro Caddy

Saddle bags are a needed thing in my life. Something that most bike shops forget to mention when they sell you that new road or mountain bike. Riding around with out tools, tube or inflation device is like driving around in your car with out a spare tire. Yes, you

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Signature Cycles Seven Cycles IMX 29er
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Signature Cycles featured a bike a week on their Facebook and website. After receiving their approval I now plan on reposting ones that catch my eye, either mountain, road or women’s hot rods! Seven Cycles IMX 29er Seven Cycles IMX 29er is a carbon and titanium wonder with a burst of color.

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Assos Chamois Creme
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If you haven’t heard about it before don’t feel too left out as it isn’t talked about too much. Chamois cream or butter it basically is under carriage lube.

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Capo Cycling Modena Donna Collection
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Capo Cycling – an italian made cycling clothing company has released a new line of women’s cycling clothing. It includes a jersey in two colors, shorts with a comfy yoga waistband and knickers. I understand the italian way of subtle with black and whites but I would love to see

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All city nature boy
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Getting some last bits together but my All City Nature Boy bike is ready! White bar tape and purple Crank Brothers will need to be haD.

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Civia Cyles Twin City
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As a rep for Quality Bicycle Products I rep many brands, one of them is Civia Cycles. A brand that is near to my aesthetic craving heart. Their tag line is “Beautiful Neighborhood Bikes.” As someone that has a Civia Cycles Loring decked out with wooden fenders, a wooden front front loader and

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