60606_10151257501378832_1187733038_n 7 Oct ’12

Race Morning: SpartanCross

Headed down to Spartanburg, SC for a training race this morning. Many thoughts

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Arleigh Pain Cave 5 Sep ’12

Visiting the Pain Cave

Back in May I started conversation with a guy by the name of Steve Weller of Bell

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IMG_3967 10 Jun ’12

Finding the White Line

When people ask me what time of rider I am normally say a mountain biker. It

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Tree Shaker 8 Hour MTB Race 8 Jun ’12

Next Race on the Calendar: Tree Shaker 8 Hour

As I look back at this spring and my two “A” races it makes me rather

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Foundry Auger 3 Jun ’12

Happy Legs on the Foundry Auger

Legs were moving much better today on the road bike. A good mellow 2 hour endurance

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Confidence 3 Jun ’12

A Setback of Confidence

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope

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tumblr_m0x3ixapbV1qa8ul1o1_1280 23 May ’12

Last Good Ride before Burn

2.5 hours were on tap. Not really tempo but harder than endurance. I did lose about

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Burn 24 Hour 19 May ’12

Preparing for Burn 24 (Plus a Light Promo)

Over the next few days I’ll be posting rambling post, maybe gear setup

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18 May ’12

Friday Ride at Lake Norman State Park

The goal from my coach today was 3.5-4 hours on the bike I’ll be racing next

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Strava Athlete Profile 7 May ’12

Tracking My Progress with Strava

Welcome Strava, social media for bike rides

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