Lightweight 29er Mountain Bike 12 Jan ’11

Building a Budget 23 Pound 29er

It’s easy to say I have too many bikes but since leaving the industry full

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7 Sep ’10

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

As the summer cools off and we are entering the perfect temperatures of late

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Outlier Pants 3 Sep ’10

Commuting : How Not to Wear Spandex

Originally posted at our sister site : CommuteByBike.com My tri-modal commute to

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19 Aug ’10

Tracking Your Progress

As humans we like to track things, some humans more than others, but needing to know

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11 Jul ’10

Bike Rides and Bike Shopping

As I work in a bike shop day in and day out I have the blessing, sometimes the

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25 Jun ’10

SRAM Force Brakes, Breaking?

It seems that there are still batches of SRAM Force recalled brakes out there. 

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18 Jun ’10

Single Speed and Fixed Gear : What It Means for...

The fixed gear, urban hipster, era seems to be calming a little bit in my area. 

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11 Jun ’10

Do You Wear Sunscreen When You Ride?

A valid question was asked over on Twitter, “Do You Wear Sunscreen When You

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8 Jun ’10

Essentials Purchases for Your First Triathlon

This week on Bike Shop Girl we are covering triathlons and the basics of getting

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3 Jun ’10

Basic Things to Know about Triathlons

Triathlons are an amazing sport to set a goal for, keep your training varied and

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