Cycling Reviews

30 Sep ’09

Keen Commuter Sandal Review : Preview

Keen is one of the leading shoe companies for casual & lifestyle wear.  There

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26 Sep ’09

Banjo Brothers Commuter Backpack Review : Preview

Banjo Brothers makes some of the greatest, affordable, commuter packs and bags in

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17 Sep ’09

Tease : What’s in the Bag?

A little teaser of a reviews to come.  Can you guess?  They are from two of my

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11 Aug ’09

Carry Things on Bike in Style

Here’s a deep confession, I have a bag addiction.  Come look in my closest

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3 Aug ’09

Everyday Cycling Clothing

Our poll last week to answer the question “Do You Wear Cycling Clothing”

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RXLMTB 29 Jul ’09

2010 Bontrager Cycling Shoes

In 2009 Bontrager released their first ever cycling shoe line.  After teaming up

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28 Jul ’09

Masi Bicycles Women’s Road Line

There’s a take on women’s designed product the basics are shorter top

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27 Jul ’09

Colorful Knog Lights

Safety is a big thing for me.  Helmets, lights and brakes on those fixed gear bikes

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Gary Fisher 26 Jul ’09

2009 Gary Fisher Simple City 3W : Quick Review

Recently going out on a limb I pulled in a Gary Fisher Simple City 3W into our Trek

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25 Jul ’09

Harlot Habit Short Preview

Harlot Habit Shorts - Size MD, Color Black. The shorts have an amazing material,

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