A Guide to Choosing an Indoor Bike Trainer 17 Nov ’15

A Guide to Choosing an Indoor Bike Trainer

There are many trainers on the market these days, and in an effort to add clarity to

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Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike 3 Oct ’15

We Bought a Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike

Today we will dive in to the process of purchasing a family cargo bike, and a quick

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FitWell Featured 15 Sep ’15

How to Fit and Order a Bicycle from FitWell Bicycle...

It's pretty gutsy to build your company on the words "fit" and "well". Today we will

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Kids Bike Trailer 15 Aug ’15

Hauling Your Kids by Bike: Rear Mounted Bike Child Seats...

The most popular ways to haul kids by bike in the United States are bike child seats

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Bike Fitting 31 Jul ’15

Your Bike Probably Doesn’t Fit You Perfectly

This article will not be telling you how to check your seat height because you

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Hauling Kids By Bike 29 Jul ’15

Hauling Your Kid by Bike Series: The Basics

In this "Hauling Your Kid by Bike" series I'll walk you through different ways to

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Surly Ogre 30 Jun ’15

You May Not Need a Women’s Bike and Here Are...

Several years ago I took some slack based off an article I threw out there that

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Beti Bike Bash 10 Jun ’15

Tips for Your First Bike Race

My list of the things I wish I had known before my first races. This list could have

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Social Media for Bike Shops 12 May ’15

Social Media for Local Bike Shops: Step 1

Some of my basic tips to build a strong foundation for social media. This is channel

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BetiBikeBashLogoNew 5 Feb ’15

6th Annual Beti Bike Bash Mountain Bike Event

Sign up and be a part of the 6th Annual Beti Bike Bash, the largest women’s

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