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8 Oct ’09

Women’s Cycling Magazine Covers Bike Shop Girl

A little while ago I was interviewed by a freelance writer for a new startup

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2 Oct ’09

I Spy : Hoo Ha Ride Glide Review

There are tons of different types of chamois butter, from various companies that are

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2 Oct ’09

I Spy : Civia Loring Review

Over at EcoVelo they have a Civia Loring on review.  The bike is built up

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25 Sep ’09

Interbike : Nutcase Helmets

Urban Velo is another great source for Interbike news.  One awesome link was to

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24 Sep ’09

Interbike : Wrap Your Bike With Style

Spotted over at Bike Rumor is a new way to “paint” your bike, or rather

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23 Sep ’09

Interbike : Cow Bike Seat

Photos from Interbike are leaking in, one of the most interesting is the following

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13 Sep ’09

I Spy : 2010 Raleigh Preview

A small birdy sent me previews of very hip looking ladies bikes from Raleigh

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11 Sep ’09

I Spy : 2010 Santa Cruz Juliana

Yesterday I spotted on Bike Radar the new 2010 Santa Cruz Juliana.   If I remember

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9 Sep ’09

Welcome the Xtracycle Pea Pod LT

There is no hiding how much I love my Xtracycle when I use it as much as possible.

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